Viriditas: The Great Healing Is Within Our Power

by Aaron William Perry

This gripping eco-thriller is a must read this fall. Brigitte Sophia, a genius mathematician and computer scientist, dedicated her life to developing advanced AI for her supercomputer, OTTO. After she cracks the code, she finds herself on the run, chased by sinister paramilitary operatives who want her AI code. Thrust into a heroine’s journey of epic proportions, she embarks on an urgent mission to restore the life support systems of our shared global home.
“An exciting novel that combines environmental activism with romance and high adventure. It addresses important issues around the connections between AI, world crises, and possible solutions. Perry has crafted a novel that makes serious topics fun to read.” —John Perkins, NYT bestselling author. “Perry’s debut novel navigates the knife edge of fiction and prophecy. Buckle up for Viriditas!” —Brook Le Van.

$1.99 Previously $8.99

Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers