West Country Murder

by Derek Thompson

A dead body. Drugs residue. No fingerprints. Foul play?

At first PC Marnie Olsen thinks the man in the car is asleep. But the lack of movement and strange tilt of the head are a dead giveaway.

The only clue is a book signed by local author Juliette Kimani, who is holding court at the Wiltshire literary festival.

This could be a real breakthrough. If only Juliette Kimani wasn’t flatly denying ever having met the man . . .

Detective Craig Wild discovers that the victim was using a fake name. He must have been involved in something dark.

If Wild can find the man’s real identity he might just crack this case. But first he must deal with some very dangerous people. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep the truth buried. How far will Wild go to make sure the truth comes out . . . ?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals