What Heroes Do

by Patrick O’Brien

From the author of Hero’s Choice, comes the second book in the FitzHero series about Ryan ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald.
It was the morning after Fitz had solved the murder of his girlfriends’ father. It had been a hectic past several months with him moving from New York City to a beach cottage in Rhode Island, to figure out his future plans. After twenty-five years of extraordinary service to the police and military, he had changed careers, and made a romantic choice between two amazing women.
Fitz’s fledgling security consulting business was taking off when he received a call from one of his new clients— the Governor of Rhode Island.
The Governor received a threat that there would be an indefensible attack on an important landmark within the State of Rhode Island unless twenty million dollars was paid as ransom. The terrorists stated that there would be a demonstration of seriousness and capability, in two days. The blackmail author signed the letter as ‘London Bridge’, a reference to an incident in England six months earlier that was largely kept from the public.
Fitz has a lot going on in his personal life, while being in a race against the clock to find a way to stop the threat. Trauma and uncertainty manifest throughout, while authorities are stumped by cunning adversaries that are a step ahead, in their ingenuity, and their actions.

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Category: Mystery – Series