When Spies Collide (formerly “Crossword”)

by Alan S Bricklin

A fictional novel, expanded from a true event and incorporating both historic and fictional characters, this story takes you on a wild ride from the United States to Norway to Switzerland and on to Germany. Suspense, action and mystery are all present in this novel of espionage, endurance, bravery and betrayal. By early 1944 Hitler’s general staff realized that they had lost the war. Hitler did not. In late 1943 Allied bombers destroyed the Norwegian power station that supplied power for the factory making fissionable material for Hitler’s drive to produce an atomic weapon. The remaining material was ordered to be brought to Germany under heavy guard, but a lone German general set into motion a series of events that threatened to alter the outcome of World War II. A troubled OSS agent is sent behind enemy lines to prevent the development of the atomic weapon that could win the war for Germany; but Hitler and the Allies are not the only ones interested. There are secret forces at work in both the United States and Germany that want the fissionable material for their own reasons. Alone and injured in Germany, the OSS agent must enlist the aid of a beautiful, young German woman to help him while he plays cat and mouse with his enemies, both known and unknown. An undertaking gone terribly wrong.

$2.99 Previously $4.95

Category: Thrillers – Espionage