When the Robins Left

by Hazel Bergen

Would you dare to risk it all?
With the rise of a fascist regime in Europa, Roosmarijn and her girlfriend Zayneb are desperate to flee persecution. Their escape from Amsterdam fails as they get separated and Roosmarijn is determined to reunite eight-year-old Tim with his mother.
When Roosmarijn is captured by the authorities her old friend Erik comes to the rescue. As a little white lie spirals into a web of deception, Erik may not turn out to be the hero he appeared. As Roosmarijn uncovers the plans of the new regime, she comes up against a battle of time and deception, confronted with the difficult choice of staying truthful to herself and knowing she may never see Zayneb again.
When the Robins Left is a suspense-filled speculative fiction thriller that deals with themes of responsibility, identity, and guilt.

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Category: Thrillers – Political