Whitby Rock

by Kev Freeman

As dawn breaks, a church bell calls for attention in a rural English village. An unidentified body hangs upside down in its belfry. Beneath the swinging corpse are small, individually wrapped candies marked ‘Whitby Rock.’ It is not long before the case doubles its mystery. Detective Inspector Mary Hunter, a rising star in the police force, sets out to investigate the reason behind the murder and unravel the strands that connect it all together. In the middle of it all, Jack Headland, struggling to break free and put his working-class upbringing behind him, becomes entangled with an enigmatic criminal mastermind who tells a mysterious story of contraband, drugs, money laundering, disappearance, and robbery. A link that connects unplanned events in wartime Sweden to a strange hotel on the English coast.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime