White Star

by James Thayer

The world’s two deadliest snipers hunt each other, playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Owen Gray is a legendary Marine Corps sniper with 96 kills—the most in Corps history–but he has retired from the military and is now a federal prosecutor in New York City. Although he believes his sniper days are behind him, those around him start to die — all victims have the same calling card: a single shot fired from seemingly impossible distances.

Nikolai Trusov is a Russian spetsnaz sniper bested by Gray years ago. Now the Russian is back and wants his revenge.

More innocents will die unless Owen picks up his rifle once again and faces Trusov. The American sniper will lead the Russian into the Idaho wilderness for a duel to the death.

“Cracking thriller that pits sniper against sniper.” — Guardian (U.K.)

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Category: Thrillers – Historical