Who Killed Sweet Water?

by RJ Wilds

Summer in Maine. Usually mosquitos, lobster, and tourists.
This summer, a slaughtered stranger appears. A coverup from on high. One cop won’t let the guilty rest until the dead rest in peace. Can Police Officer Robin Goode hunt down the killer before it is open season on her?
A loony conspiracy broadcaster has a deadly secret. Hiding the secret of the dead girl means everyone gets paid. Robin Goode believes in justice, fair or otherwise. She doesn’t care about money or dirty business as usual.
When she discovers a cold, tied body abandoned in her coastal Maine town, the lucrative summer tourist season and her life are threatened as she tries to find the killer while the other cops want her silenced forever.
With the police department opposing her every attempt to investigate a savage murder and the locals more concerned about scaring away tourist money than justice, Robin fears this murder will be ignored and hidden before she can get to the truth.
The first full-length book in the Robin Goode Maine Murder Mystery Series

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals