Who’s Killing the Old Bank Robbers

by Jon Spoelstra

You probably haven’t met a bank robber before now.

I’d like you to meet the guy who pulled off the biggest bank robbery in American history.

Thirty-eight million dollars.

The FBI caught him, of course. But they never recovered the loot.

Now this bank robber (visualize Clint Eastwood) is being released after a long stint in prison. As you would expect, a lot of folks (mostly unsavory) want to meet up with him to discuss one thing. Where’s the cash?

Charlie North, our septuagenarian amateur sleuth featured in Who’s Killing All My Old Girlfriends, is in the middle of it all. You would be too.

There are surprises, revelations, a few murders, and a wild finish at The Salton Sea that you couldn’t guess in a million years.

You might find yourself laughing out loud every soften. If you’re looking for a gritty crime thriller, this is NOT that type of book. Seriously, laughing is good.

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