Wicked Storm

by Chase Austin

In the shadows of the Balkans, a sinister plot is unfolding.

When the daughter of a US senator is kidnapped and sold into Albania’s dark underworld, it’s up to Sam Wick, America’s most skilled extractor, to bring her home.

As America’s top extractor, Wick is no stranger to high-stakes missions, but this one is different. With just seven hours to locate and save Mia, Wick knows that every second counts, but there is more…

This is no ordinary kidnapping. Someone – or something – is pulling the strings, and the trail leads him down unexpected paths filled with betrayal and danger.

With his partner by his side, Wick must use all of his training and cunning to stay one step ahead of his enemies. But as the clock ticks down and the stakes get higher, Wick finds himself tested like never before.

Can he save Mia before it’s too late, or will he and his partner become another victim in the twisted world of human trafficking?

Find out in this heart-pounding thriller from bestselling author Chase Austin.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Assassinations