Wild Prey

by Yossi Uzrad

The rape and attempted murder of a young tourist underlies the events of this book. Shlomki, a park ranger, finds her dying beside the Jordan River in the Sea of Galilee National Park and saves her life. Police are unable to solve the case and leave it open, but Shlomki remains haunted by the events. Shlomki’s earnest and naïve demeanor leads him into conflict with the local security forces, who bend the rules as they like. Amir, a Bedouin who works for the tax authorities, is sent to investigate Shlomki, but the two end up joining forces. Together they unofficially pursue the murder investigation, uncovering much more than they had been seeking. The story takes place in the region where Jesus wrought the miracle of the loaves and fishes – a place of beautiful natural wildlife. There the powerful men of the secret forces control everything.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals