by David Hodges

A SELF-PROCLAIMED LOCAL WITCH IS ACCUSED OF MURDER. DETECTIVE KATE HAMBLIN AND HAYDEN ARE INVOLVED IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND A YOUNG WOMAN ENDS UP IN A COMA. ARE THESE TWO INCIDENTS LINKED? Amid the idyllic surroundings of the Somerset Levels murder, drug trafficking and even witchcraft abound. Local police officer Eddie West and vicar Rev. Jacob Truly are found dead with matching voodoo dolls at the crime scenes. It seems most likely that local witch, Lilith, is to blame. But Kate is not so sure — there seems to be something fishy going on in her own department. Then Kate’s old boss is found dead after warning her not to trust anyone. Is a member of her team on the take? The body count is rising and Kate must act fast to put an end to the killing.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths