Witch Inheritance

by Sonia Parin

Lexie’s birthday has caught up with her, as have her cousins who’ve been sent to remind Lexie of her obligations to the coven and also to give her a birthday gift she can’t return, refuse or exchange. It’s her heritage and it comes with a job she didn’t even apply for. A job which leads her straight to danger where she tackles a deadly fog and a new penchant for sipping champagne and wearing haute couture. Humorous Paranormal Mystery

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Category: Mystery – Series

Witch Indeed

by Sonia Parin

Mackenzie Coven rule number one. Do not lose your cat. Lexie has been asked to step up to the plate and attend a prestigious feline extravaganza at Chelsea Manor. The task is simple enough. Represent the coven, get herself and Luna, the cat which has as yet to decide if she’ll stay with her or not, there in one piece meaning… no more crash landing or leaving bits and pieces of Luna behind. Two out of three isn’t bad. Lexie figures the rest will be simple enough until she realizes she’s crash landed in a room with a dead man in it. There are only a handful of guests attending this exclusive feline soiree and they all have their eyes on Luna, but one of them also has blood on their hands. If they killed once, they’ll kill again.

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