Withered Petals

by Glenn Fall

Eleven-year-old Valerie does not understand why her daddy doesn’t love her anymore. Why do they have to move? Divorce… Lover… sour words. Or is her mom lying again when she takes Valerie and Tobias, her teenage brother, from the city? The always cold and crumbling house is supposed to be their home. Luckily, new adventures and friendly faces keep her thoughts away from her sorrows.

But… the picturesque village and its kind inhabitants guard a sinister past. A hidden mystery of the Holocaust. How did Valerie’s house turn from a flourishing Jewish household into this ruin? And the older generation remains resolute in their silence about World War II. They did nothing wrong. Let the past rest undisturbed.

But the echoes of the war grow louder as the old house gets colder and colder. And the cold creeps and hunts…

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Category: Mystery – Historical