Wreck of the Raptor – AJ Bailey Adventure Series – Book Three

by Nicholas Harvey

It’s 1974. The dawn of Disco, cocaine is pouring into Miami, and Whitey Snow finds himself in too deep with Peruvian drug lords.
When he falls for a Spanish beauty on the island of Grand Cayman, he hatches a plan to escape the cartel… but if his cold-blooded boss, Gabriel Cavero, finds out, his scheme will turn deadly.
45 years later, Hazel Delacroix arrives on Grand Cayman to enjoy a Scuba diving holiday with AJ Bailey’s Mermaid Divers. The two quickly become friends, but AJ soon discovers Hazel’s interest in diving wrecks has less to do with recreational diving, and more to do with the past.
Come aboard for suspense, treacherous Caribbean dives, and a thrilling climax in the waters of the Cayman Islands.

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Category: Mystery – Series