Wrongful Deaths

by Tom Combs

ER doctor turned bestselling author Tom Combs has delivered a riveting mystery-thriller…part of series but stands alone.
An invasion of the deadliest of all opioid drugs has turned Minneapolis and Drake’s ER into a war zone.
In addition hospitalized patients are dying tragically and malpractice is the claim. Is it incompetence – or something much worse?
When emergency doctor Drake Cody tries to stop the explosion of ODs and find the cause of the hospital deaths he and those he loves become targets. Overdoses, malpractice, and murder–wrongful deaths all.
“Wrongful Deaths” puts readers on the front-lines of the opioid epidemic and exposes the seamy underbelly of the medical, legal, and business worlds. Characters you care about face authentic life-or-death challenges in a story that captivates, informs and entertains.
“One of the BEST surprise endings ever penned” TopShelf Magazine

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Category: Thrillers – Medical