Yearn to Fear: Australian Spy Thriller – The Lamarr Series Book 1

by Chas Murrell

The greatest scientific invention of our time, capable of curing humanity – More adept at controlling it.
Sydney scientist, Marcus Hall, is developing a radical 5G Wi-Fi receiver for CSIRO. On a caffeine boosted whim, he inadvertently discovers a therapeutic breakthrough in neuroscience. Or so he thinks…
Marcus is unaware of the many secrets around him until he witnesses the murder of a colleague which leads him to make a soul tearing decision. Is the only way to stop the carnage to weaponise his prototype?
Foreign intelligence agencies realise the top-secret breakthrough is priceless. One particular spy leads the race to seize the invention. A psychological master of the long game, his only rule according to Kung Fu: Win.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage