Yestertime: A Novel of Time Travel (Yestertime Series Book 1)

by Andrew Cunningham

“I’m going to die a hundred years before I was born…”

The handwritten note was in a dusty trunk that sat in a cave untouched for 150 years. What did the words mean? When journalist Ray Burton finds the trunk near the Arizona ghost town of Hollow Rock, his life changes in an instant.

Something in the trunk shouldn’t be there.

This begins a dangerous journey of discovery bordering on the impossible. A discovery that will affect the past, the present, and the future.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

The Yestertime Effect: A Novel of Time Travel (Yestertime Series Book 2)

by Andrew Cunningham

What is happening to all the time travelers?

Time travelers Ray Burton and Natalie O’Brien were living peacefully in 1958 England. Now they are missing. What has happened to them, and why are travelers throughout time being targeted for elimination?

In the thrilling sequel to the Amazon bestseller, Yestertime, the impossible has happened. And now, some people will do anything to stop it.

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