Running with the Enemy

by Lloyd Lofthouse

An innocent man. A traitor’s crime. Proving himself not guilty could cost too many lives… He joined to fight for his country. He went AWOL to save the woman he loves. And now he must put his loyalty on the line to survive. If you like cat-and-mouse tension, crackling action, and a touch of forbidden romance, then you’ll love this thriller.

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Category: Thrillers – Military

Death on the Danube

by Jennifer S. Alderson

While traveling around the world, tour guide Lana Hansen lands in the middle of deadly mysteries. From a killer on the loose in Budapest to a client who gets snuffed out in Dublin, can she solve these cases before she’s the next to depart… for good?

Pick up “Death on the Danube” – Book One of the Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series – now and see if you can sleuth out the killer before Lana does!

All nine novels are also FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Tears of the Dragon

by Ryan McGinnis

With the threat of global genocide looming worldwide, one man races to assemble the pieces before it’s too late…

Xavier Greene had retreated from his life of violence. In a secluded temple, he contemplates his life as an assassin, determined to walk away from his employer, the Citadel, forever.

But a vast, global conspiracy draws him back from the shadows. A deadly pathogen, Tears of the Dragon, has been created in a secret lab hidden at the base of the Masaya volcano in Nicaragua. Now it’s on its way to the United States, where a group of radicals plan to release the apocalypse-level virus, unleashing untold death and destruction on millions. Xavier finds himself in a race against time to uncover the details and locate the virus before the unthinkable can happen.

Xavier’s mission is complicated by the arrival of F.B.I. Agent Bill “Wild Bill” Logan. Logan is as famous around the Bureau for his unconventional style as he is for closed cases. However, when he and his partner Stacy Martinez cross paths with Xavier Greene, they find themselves swept up in a conflict that could cost them their careers if they don’t lose their lives first.

Now all of them find themselves in a life-or-death struggle against a vast international conspiracy that threatens to consume the entire planet. With betrayals and the body count mounting, can Xavier find a way to stop Tears of the Dragon before it’s too late?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

The Osiris Initiative

by Ryan McGinnis

A routine mission in southern France turns deadly as elite assassin Xavier Greene scrambles to escape a sinister trap with trained killers closing in at every turn.

Montana, USA
A generous offer lures FBI Agent Bill Logan to meet with a mysterious benefactor, but is there more to his agenda than meets the eye?

Georgia, USA
Former FBI Agent Stacy Martinez’s investigation is rocked by a series of fire bombings. But the shocking secret she discovers will send her around the globe in a race against time.

A mysterious organization, driven by revenge, is making a play for global domination. The first step? Eliminate the Citadel and anyone associated with it. How do you combat an enemy who knows your every move before you make it?

Connected by that deadly night they shared in the desert of Arizona, can Xavier, Logan, and Martinez solve the mystery before it’s too late?

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by Tobey Alexander

When fate collides, danger lurks. Stanley Grand and Hazel Johnson’s fate intertwine in this suspenseful journey of secrets, monsters and murder. Experience a thrilling historical adventure as you discover the truth and fight for survival.

Venture into a thrilling world of secrets, monsters and murder with Iceman. Follow Stanley and Hazel as they fight to uncover the truth about a forgotten curse and save humanity from an impending doom. With mind-bending puzzles and mysterious clues, Iceman provides an unforgettable adventure you won’t want to miss.

Step into the shadows of war-torn Europe and join our dynamic duo as they face darker perils, using their wit and partnership to succeed. Witness their unexpected friendship blossom into something more as they battle for survival. Enjoy an action-packed journey with an unexpected ally guiding them, and find out what it really means to be a hero.

Iceman is an epic quest like no other. Join our heroes on their journey to uncover the truth behind the ancient curse, while fending off monsters, solving puzzles and fighting for the fate of humanity. An edge-of-your-seat adventure that will keep you engrossed and guessing until the very end! Embark on an unforgettable experience that will take you to the limits of an alternate view of history.

Unearth an adventure beyond the ages.

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Category: Mystery – Historical