K-Town Confidential

by Brad Chisholm

Young lawyer Holly Park is hired to defend teenager Naomi Linser–charged with murder in the stabbing death of the local Councilman. The crime takes place in a gritty Koreatown ‘room salon’ with Naomi holding the murder weapon. No one will guess the plot twists in K-Town Confidential.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

The Chair Man

by Alex Pearl

Michael Hollinghurst is a successful corporate lawyer living a comfortable, suburban life in leafy North West London. But on 7 July 2005, his life is transformed when he steps on a London underground train targeted by Islamist suicide bombers. While most passengers in his carriage are killed, Michael survives the explosion but is confined to a wheelchair as a result. Coming to terms with his predicament and controlling his own feelings of guilt as a survivor conspire to push him in a direction that is out of character and a tad reckless.
In a quest to seek retribution, he resorts to embracing the internet and posing as a radical Islamist in order to snare potential perpetrators. Much to his surprise, his shambolic scheme yields results and is brought to the attention of both GCHQ and a terrorist cell.
But before long, dark forces begin to gather and close in on him. There is seemingly no way out for Michael Hollinghurst. He has become, quite literally, a sitting target.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism

The Girl And The Deadly Express

by AJ Rivers

On board an unstoppable train the truth of the past finally unfolds, but will it be at the expense of everyone’s life on board the deadly express?
FBI agent Emma Griffin is starting to get her life back on track.
But as she gets used to the changes in her career and settling into her personal life, questions about her past continue to haunt her.

When a mysterious letter appears from Feathered Nest asking Emma to help, suspicion arises.
She’s being lured onto the train and she doesn’t know why.
But she can’t ignore it.
This is her fight, and she won’t back down.
With Sam on the train an hour behind her, Emma begins the journey. Four hours closed in the train.
A strange fellow passenger and a note appearing at her seat send her into an empty passenger car, where she finds the body of a murdered man, and a message addressed to her.
Warned not to call police or let the train stop for any reason,
Emma is drawn into a sick and twisted game where the painful memories of her family are used to taunt and threaten her.

The minutes tick by, bringing her closer to destruction.
A huge storm is brewing, and Emma must face it head on if she wants to survive long enough to learn the hidden secrets of her past.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Kiki Lowenstein Cozy Mystery Books 7-13

by Joanna Campbell Slan

This feel-good bundle of seven amusing cozy mysteries comes complete with animals, hobbies, food, and lovable sleuth Kiki Lowenstein, scrapbooker extraordinaire, as she navigates complicated family problems such as a mother-in-law suspected of murder at her own wedding, an unplanned pregnancy, and blending families.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Sweet Saboteur

by C. A. Phipps

Scarlett’s passion is the Cozy Café.
But it has problems—big problems!
Thwarted by deadly gossip and the power hungry mayor, Scarlett’s determined to turn things around and give her family a better life. But when a murder in Cozy Hollow points to the café as a likely cause, Scarlett must put all fears aside to solve the mystery, before everything she’s fought to keep is lost—or worse!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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