Evelyn: A Prequel Novella

by Dylan Colón

Are patients in psychiatric wards just crazy? Or do they hear and see real demons?

Evelyn is undergoing treatment at Emerald Crest Psychiatric, for multiple suicide attempts. The voices of demons are always speaking to her, and she suffers from hallucinations that appear far too real before her eyes.

This serves as a prequel to Dylan Colón’s
“This House Is Broken” novels. Would you still hate Evelyn if you knew her story?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Fulcrum: A Zack Wilder Thriller

by N.J. Croft

While investigating a suspicious plane crash that killed his former army unit, FBI Special Agent Zack Wilder uncovers evidence that the victims were all unknowing participants in an unauthorized and sinister experiment perpetrated by a clandestine organization: the Fulcrum.
Zack is determined to discover the reason behind the deaths and bring the perpetrators to justice. But when a ghost from his past re-appears, it becomes clear that the responsibility lies closer to home than he could have ever imagined. Because Zack has a secret. One that could destroy his friends and enemies alike.
Now Zack must decide where his loyalties lie and how far he is willing to go to keep his secrets. Or will he risk everything to save humanity from a future where free will is gone forever?

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

Water: A Zack Wilder Thriller

by N.J. Croft

FBI Special Agent Zack Wilder has a secret. One that could tear his world apart.

Now, someone else knows.

When Zack’s partner is killed, and his case hits a dead end, he is re-assigned to work with the Environmental Protection Agency. At first it seems a straightforward case of industrial pollution, albeit one that has killed hundreds. But soon it becomes evident that this is only the beginning.

Someone is determined to highlight all the ways our fresh water is being destroyed. And clearly, they believe the more people who die, the more powerful the message.

Now Zack is being blackmailed into sabotaging the investigation and he must decide how far he is willing to go to keep his secret. It’s a race to hunt down the blackmailer. Can Zack find him, and stop him, before millions die?

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All for Summer

by Parman Reynolds

In 1980s East Texas, Luther Holman, a local janitor, awaits trial for the murder of a prominent local, the same man potentially responsible for the murder of Luther’s young daughter, Summer.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

The Mayan Mask of Death

by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson

When Arla Vaughn accepts the role of temporary Dean of Archaeology, the museum’s purchase of an elaborate Mayan mask seems an evil portent. The dual face, one side a handsome Mayan nobleman, the other side a skull-like visage with a glimmering obsidian eye represents the good and evil of mankind. Three years ago Jordan Lund’s wife was strangled on campus and he has devoted his life to finding her killer. When a second woman from Arla’s department is murdered in the same way, the police believe this is the work of a mysterious serial killer known as The Scarlet Strangler. But Arla soon links the brutal murders to the dig in Copan. Her investigation takes her to where the mystery has its roots, the Copan ruins in the jungles of Honduras. There, to uncover the truth, Arla must match wits with a killer as duplicitous as the Mayan Mask of Death.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mysteries: Books 1-3

by Jennifer S. Alderson

While traveling around the world, tour guide Lana lands in the middle of deadly mysteries. From a killer on the loose in Budapest to clients who gets snuffed out in Paris and Amsterdam, can Lana solve the cases before she’s the next to depart… for good?

Pick up these three full-length cozy mysteries and begin your reading adventure today! Books 4-6 are also boxed up and ready to binge-read!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Crimson Petticoats

by Ryan Green

In 1861, the police of a rural French village tore their way into the woodside home of Martin Dumollard. Inside, they found chaos. Paths had been carved through mounds of bloodstained clothing, reaching as high as the ceiling in some places.

The officers assumed that the mysterious maid-robber had killed one woman but failed in his other attempts. Yet, it was becoming sickeningly clear that there was a vast gulf between the crimes they were aware of and the ones that had truly been committed.

Would Dumollard’s wife expose his dark secret or was she inextricably linked to the atrocities? Whatever the circumstances, everyone was desperate to discover whether the bloody garments belonged to some of the 648 missing women.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Wicked Games

by Charles D Welch

Once the wealthy have every single possession their heart’s desire.
Once money has corrupted their morality.
When wealth can no longer keep their evil heart’s content.
What do the rich do to entertain themselves?
They play wicked games.
Someone in The Club desires to eliminate Gianna Ricci as a part of their game. Someone wants her dead.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

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