THREE: Deception Love Murder

by K. J. McGillick

Emma has it all—a job she loves and a boyfriend who loves her. Or does she?

When her boyfriend Jude’s car is found burned and abandoned in another state, the police come asking questions. Where is Jude? Why is there a body in the car that looks suspiciously like Emma? What were the two of them involved in?

Emma doesn’t have answers. Instead, she has questions of her own. Who is this man who claimed to love her, and what was going on?

As the police and FBI try to pin responsibility on her, Emma is forced to look for answers on her own. What she finds upends everything she ever believed and leads her down a trail of crime, deceit, and treachery.

Was Jude using her for her expertise? Was this betrayal the plan all along? Did he betray the wrong people? Did it cost him his life? Would it cost hers?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Wrongful Death: The Great Devil War III

by Kenneth B. Andersen

Multi-award winning series, published in 10 countries, movie rights optioned!

Continuing the dark adventure that begins with The Devil’s Apprentice and The Die of Death.

An unfortunate chain of events makes Philip responsible for the untimely death of the school bully Sam—the Devil’s original choice for an heir.

Philip must return to Hell to find Sam and bring him back to life, so that fate can be restored. But trouble is stirring in Lucifer’s kingdom and not even Philip can imagine the strange and dark journey that awaits him.

A journey that will take him through ancient underworlds and all the way to Paradise.

Buy now and enter a world like no other!

The Great Devil War is a gripping and humorous tale about good and evil seen from a different perspective, making the reader laugh and think. It’s filled with biblical and historical characters and set in a world beyond your wildest dreams. Or nightmares …

Readers on The Wrongful Death:

“One of the things I really like about these books is that you never really know where Kenneth will go with the story … Humorous and clever at the same time.” *****

“I like how the world in the story keeps expanding. *****

“I love that this book has a trip to other underworlds. Very much worth the read.” *****

Over 2000 worldwide 5 star reviews of the series!

If you’re a Harry Potter or Percy Jackson fan, you don’t want to miss the ride!

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Category: Suspense

The Jeri Howard Anthology: Books 1-5

by Janet Dawson

The first five award-winning Jeri Howard murder mysteries are now available. Tough-as-nails Oakland PI Jeri Howard made a splash in Janet Dawson’s first book, winning Best First PI Novel from the Private Eye Writers of America. The next four mysteries only get more enticing!

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

New Beginnings (Book 1 Cookie Cutter Cozy Mystery Series)

by Karen Cino

After a traumatic event in her life, Connie Acosta heads down to the Jersey Shore to stay with her friend, Sara Mazza, who lives in a fifty-five and over community. For Connie, this is a temporary stop until she figures out what she wants to do.

Connie and Sara have a brief discussion and decide to start the baking business they had spoken about decades before. But things take a dramatic turn when Sara gets Connie involved in a mysterious adventure at the clubhouse.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Chaos at the Compound

by Karen Cino

Connie Acosta is officially a resident in the fifty-five and older community her best friend Sara Mazza lives in. Her baker’s kitchen is almost complete and she has met Vic, another resident who is crazy about her. Meanwhile, Sara finds herself in the mist of a love triangle with Vic’s friend Jack and Warren, a police officer at the local station.
When Sara received a call from her friend at the clubhouse saying there is a dead body floating in the outdoor pool, the women rush there to check things out, getting themselves involved in another investigation, especially when Sara finds a few blue pills scattered in the grass that she didn’t turn into the police.
Who said seniors can’t get into trouble and fall in love again.

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I Know You

by Erik Therme

Two days ago, Bree’s sixteen-year-old sister, Alissa, ran away from home. It wasn’t the first time. But unlike before, this time there was no note, and Alissa hasn’t been heard from since.

When a backpack appears on the front porch, Bree is confused to find Alissa’s belongings inside—including her wallet—as Alissa is still nowhere to be found. Then the text messages begin: I have your sister. Now I want your brother.

As the messages increase in frequency and urgency, one thing becomes clear: time is running out . . . for all of them.

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