Rebekka Franck Mystery Series: Vol 1-3

by Willow Rose

The Queen of Scream Novels channels Wes Craven in this 3-in-1 boxed set!

It’s the stuff of a living nightmare…
Three bone-chilling tales from a bestselling author’s popular mystery series about the journalist Rebekka Franck and her friends and family.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Dial P For Poison (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 1): An Irish Cozy Mystery

by Zara Keane

You can take the girl out of the force, but you can’t keep her away from the action…

Maggie Doyle moves to Ireland to escape her cheating ex and crumbling career in the San Francisco PD. When the most hated woman on Whisper Island is poisoned at her aunt’s Movie Theater Cafe, Maggie and her rock-hard muffins are hurled into the murder investigation.

With the help of her UFO-enthusiast friend, a nun, and a feral puppy, Maggie is determined to clear her aunt’s name. Can she catch the murderer before they strike again? Or will her terrible baking skills burn down the cafe first?

***Includes a recipe for the fatal cocktail—minus the deadly ingredient!***

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Red Phoenix (Thomas Caine Thrillers Book 2)

by Andrew Warren


“True to form, this book is super thrilling!”

Betrayed and left for dead by his CIA handler, Thomas Caine suffered captivity and torture. He was hunted for crimes he did not commit. And he was forced to watch his partner die, gunned down before his eyes.

Now, he has found the man responsible for all his pain and suffering. But the cost of revenge may prove too high. His target reveals that Caine’s partner had a son, now a young man, named Sean. And Sean is in terrible danger.

To save him, Caine will have to journey through the cities and villages of the most populous country on the planet: The People’s Republic of China.

There, he and Sean find themselves tangled in a dangerous conspiracy. To survive, they must fight NSA killers, escape a secret black jail, and struggle against a power mad triad gangster determined to cement his family’s dynasty.

But Caine’s most dangerous enemy is a deadly double agent, stalking them from the shadows. Their identity is unknown. Their motives are unclear. And their methods are one hundred percent lethal. They are known only by their code name:

Red Phoenix.

Can Thomas Caine unravel the identity of this mysterious assassin, before they strike their killing blow?

Find out in the explosive new Thomas Caine thriller, Red Phoenix! Reviews call the Thomas Caine series “Up there with Lee Child and Vince Flynn! A heart stopping roller-coaster ride! Everything you want in a spy thriller!”

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Exonerated Trilogy

by JC Ryan

All three books in the fast-paced legal thriller trilogy ‘Exonerated’, by bestselling author JC Ryan.

Judgement Call

Andy Gibbons had been sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. After ten years inside he had abandoned all hope and resigned himself to the fact that he would remain there for the rest of his life.

But the fact that Andy has admitted defeat and thrown in the towel didn’t mean his wife, Jamie, did.

Disillusioned and worn out by the justice system, the Honorable Judge Regan St Clair was just about to pack in too when a letter from Jamie Gibbons arrived on her desk…

Before long Regan St Clair and Jake Westley, a former Special Forces operator, stumble into a quagmire world of deceit and menace. A world where nothing is as it seems, and no one and nothing can be trusted.

Is Andy Gibbons really innocent? Can he be exonerated? At what price?

$0.00 Previously $7.99

Category: Crime Fiction

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