Body to Die For

by D.J. Swiger

A popular and trendy Newport Beach, California, yoga/Pilates studio hosts a large third anniversary bash for its elite clientele. All the rich and beautiful people are there drinking, dancing, and having a good time. No one expects that the evening will end in murder. The following morning, veteran Detective James Mahoney and his young partner, Detective Martin Sanders, are called in to investigate the strangulation death of local society woman Rebekah King. Despite his experience, Detective Mahoney has never seen a murder like this, but Detective Sanders’ striking good looks and boyish charm are proving invaluable to their inquiries as he draws out information from reluctant but possible suspects. Despite their thorough investigation, the detectives are unable to determine which of their suspects had both the motive and the opportunity to commit the murder. Was it the wealthy, arrogant soon-to-be ex-husband who surrounded himself with beautiful women half his age? Or was it the jealous ex-best friend who suspected the victim of coming on to her husband? Maybe it was someone from the studio. With help from Jessica Howard, manager of the Newport Beach Yoga/Pilates studio, the detectives investigate anyone who had any connection to the wealthy, attractive, and mysterious Rebekah King. Who was responsible for her death, and will the killer strike again?

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Category: Mystery – African American

No Place Like Home

by Jane Renshaw

Bram and Kirsty are living the dream in the Scottish Highlands in their custom built home.
As they settle into country living, threatening events disturb their peace of mind.
The police say it’s local teenagers but Bram is sure more sinister forces are at work; that these events may be connected to a terrible secret in Kirsty’s past.
He’s right.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Blood Kills

by Nanci Rathbun

A murdered metal sculptor. A Russian mobster on the hunt. Can a talented PI outsmart a vindictive killer who has her in his crosshairs?

Private investigator Angelina Bonaparte can barely contain her excitement. Thrilled to reunite with her homicide detective boyfriend after a mandated separation of two years, seven months and fourteen days, she’s preparing every detail for his return. But she’s forced to put passion on the back burner when she discovers a local artist brutally slain.
With the culprit still on the loose and the evidence not matching up, Angie’s life could be snuffed out by the ultimate criminal mastermind. Is Angie’s romantic reunion in danger of being fatally cut short? If you like riveting twists, blossoming love affairs, and pulse-pounding close calls, then you’ll adore this high-octane story.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Woman Behind Her

by Anna Willett

When Jackie Winter inherits her aunt’s house, she makes a chilling discovery. Worse, she finds that she is being watched. When someone is murdered nearby, she finds herself in the frame. Can she join up the dots and prove her innocence?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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