by C. M. Sutter

The violent drug-related murders of two prominent attorneys have the homicide division of the Chicago Police Department scrambling for answers.
With the media demanding an arrest and at their wits’ end, the Chicago Police Department makes an urgent call to the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office in hopes of bringing in Kate Pierce, a psychic detective, on the case. Kate agrees when word comes in that Jesse McCord, a top-notch Chicago homicide detective, has gone missing.
Partnered with Detective Henry Johnson of Chicago’s homicide division, Kate goes on the hunt for the person responsible. Armed with clues from her revealing dreams—and her dogged determination, Kate realizes the killer and Jesse’s abductor may be one and the same.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Final Belongings

by Sarah Beauchemin

Juliet and Henry never met. Yet their lives resonate across generations when Juliet finds an eerie photo and urgent note in her uncle Henry’s final belongings.

“A bewitchingly dark tale, as emotionally engrossing as it is boldly unconventional.” —Kirkus Reviews

Juliet Barton is reeling from a devastating divorce and her career in shambles. Then she’s rocked by her mother’s sudden death.

As she sorts her late mother’s effects, Juliet stumbles upon the final belongings of her uncle Henry, who died tragically in Italy 50 years ago.

She finds a hidden photo of a mausoleum; on the back, an inexplicable note: “If I don’t make it back—third tomb, lower left.” Juliet becomes convinced it’s a plea from Henry to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.

But as she follows the trail to Italy, Juliet uncovers a dangerous truth. Will unraveling Henry’s past destroy Juliet’s future?

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Category: Mystery – Historical


A Portion of Malice: Ages of Malice, Book I

by Lloyd Jeffries

Bronze Award, Reader Views—Gold Award, Literary Titan—
An Ancient Evil Rises…
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Emery Merrick presses a pistol to his temple. Then there’s a knock at the door. Billionaire Thaddeus Drake hires Emery to write his biography. But Drake has a dark secret, and Emery soon discovers he heads an ancient, secret society which aims to fulfill prophecy and sacrifice the Earth to a bloodthirsty God. Deep and emotionally stirring, Emery finds himself plunged into an immortal world of darkness, deceit, and barbarity.

This brazen thought-provoking thrill ride chronicles one man’s explosive journey into the apocalypse and one man’s epic quest to confront God as an equal.

Compared to works by Stephen King and Dan Brown, A Portion of Malice will blow you away with its controversial plot and surprise twist ending. It’s the first book in the epic series, Ages of Malice.

CAN A SUICIDAL REPORTER SAVE HUMANITY…AND HIMSELF? Get in on this award-winning series today!

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Category: Thrillers – Historical


The Ominous Trail Book 8 of The Sean Kruger Series

by J.C. Fields

Former FBI agent Sean Kruger is in high demand as a fraud investigator. When two insurance executives make a surprise visit to his home office, they asked him to look into the theft of a 150-million-dollar diamond display from a museum in Chicago. He soon learns the heist is just the tip of the iceberg of a plot devised by an ominous psychopath.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies