The Black Tide: Remnants (Tides of Blood – A Dystopian Thriller Book 1)

by Baileigh Higgins

The Black Tide. That’s what they called it. Incurable. Unstoppable. Terrifying.
Saddled with the care of her kid sister, Ava struggles to cope with the demands placed upon her young shoulders. When an unstoppable disease sweeps across the globe, decimating the population, her life takes a terrifying turn for the worse.

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Category: Thrillers – Military

I’ll Never Tell

by Deidra D.S. Green

Several murders went unsolved five years ago. The cold case unit of the Atlanta Police Department has reached out to newly-minted forensic psychologist, Dr. Addison Parker to unravel the mysteries that have baffled law enforcement for half a decade.
The case of Marlon Jennings has been placed in Dr. Addison’s lap. It’s five years cold with no viable suspects. For fans of Deidra D. S. Green, the name Marlon Jennings rings a bell. He was one of the men murdered in the Woman at the Top of the Stairs series. If Dr. Parker is successful in resolving this crime, she will effectually unravel a bond of sisterhood of the women who took matters into their own hands and eliminated the men that made their lives a living hell.
You know her from the Chloe Daniels Mystery Series but now, Dr. Addison Parker is standing on her own two feet. Find out if she has what it takes to solve her first cold case mystery in, I’ll Never Tell: The Addison Parker Mystery Series.
These Books are linked by series title but are all Standalone titles and can be read in any order.

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Category: Mystery – African American

I’ll Never Tell Book 2

by Deidra D.S. Green

Seven years ago, Rev. Dr. Eli Jamison was found dead; sprawled across the altar of historical Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, in the heart of Mechanicsville, Georgia. There were several people who had motive to murder the infamous pastor, but the Atlanta Police Department hadn’t been successful in finding Reverend Jamison’s killer. Dr. Addison Parker has been charged with the responsibility of resurrecting this cold case. Finding his killer would mean unraveling mysteries and secrets many in Mechanicsville would rather stay hidden. Some would rather the memory of Eli Jamison remain just that, a memory. Addison Parker is determined to change that. Find out if Dr. Parker has what it takes to uncover the secrets to who murdered Eli Jamison in I’ll Never Tell: The Addison Parker Mystery Series, Book 2.

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Death Retires

by Cate Lawley

Death’s not taking a holiday, he’s retired.

Or he was, until an old murder intrudes on his quiet retirement plans. Geoff’s stalked by ghosts, and his former bosses have saddled him with the care of a possessed bobcat. With his beautiful neighbor Sylvie and his cat’s help, can he solve an old crime to prevent another murder?

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