Paws in the Action

by Max Parrott

A quaint town full of secrets. A string of bizarre occurrences. A psychic sleuth and her golden retriever…

Jasmine Moore is a local favorite who is unusually gifted—she has random visions of the future that often portend disaster. She can also understand her loyal golden retriever. Literally.

When a body is discovered in the small town of Blackwood Cove, Jasmine’s instincts tell her that there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Taking up the mantle of detective, she sets out on a path full of twists and turns to solve the baffling case.

Sifting through decades of forgotten town history and long-buried secrets, she soon discovers that everyone has something to hide…

Time is running out, and Jasmine needs to unearth the startling truth before the town is shaken to its core yet again.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Welcome Home to Murder

by Cindy Kline

Molly McGuire returns to Ireland when her marriage in the United States ends, looking forward to reconnecting with her family. When her childhood nemesis, Margery Denton, shows up at her welcome home party, and finds out Margery is dating her brother, Dillon, she’s less than happy! When Molly, known globally as a klutz, stumbles across Margery’s body, both she and her brother are suspects. Molly channels her inner Miss Marple and finds the actual killer, even though sexy Garda Detective Liam Fitzgerald wants her to stay out of it. Can Molly fumble through the clues and figure out who the killer is before they arrest the wrong person for murder?

Clean read: No graphic violence, sex or powerful language.

** Cindy Kline has delivered a delightful cozy mystery with broad appeal.” – Indies Today

***** If you like cozy mysteries, you will love this one. The characters come alive and the setting is described so well that you feel you are present. The story follows a well developed story line and you are never confused as to what is happening. Good job.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

A Very Merry Murder

by Cindy Kline

It’s Christmas time in Dooley, Ireland! Molly McGuire has settled into Rose Cottage, and the Book Nook is buzzing with holiday shoppers. Life is good until Henry Pierce shows up one night ill, and Molly in embroiled in another mystery. Things become even more complicated when there’s a new Detective Inspector on the case–nicknamed “DI Eejit” and is looking at Molly as the culprit. Then Molly’s not-quite-ex-husband shows up. Will Molly stay in Ireland, or move back to the United States? A Very Merry Murder is the second installment in the Molly McGuire series. If you like mysteries with a charming setting and engaging characters, you’ll love this series.

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Hart’s Ridge

by Kay Bratt

When five-year-old Molly walks into a gas station on the outskirts of town, alone and barely speaking, one sheriff’s deputy is determined to reunite her with her missing mother.

Nestled gently in the Blue Ridge mountains, Hart’s Ridge is a small and yet undiscovered quaint town. That is until you dig a little deeper and learn that no matter how perfect things look, every town has its secrets. Taylor Gray has lived there since she was a kid and has clawed her way out of poverty, foster care, and then the police academy to reach her dream of being in law enforcement.

However, the townspeople aren’t the only ones that she is committed to serve and protect. She’s also the unofficial caretaker of her father and adult sisters, a family fractured by tragedy and barely keeping it together. Her role is heavy and rarely appreciated, but she’ll stop at nothing to try to piece them back together one day.

The mother of a young girl is missing. Time is of the essence and Taylor plunges into the investigation, determined to find her and reunite mother and child. When the sheriff brings a familiar face in to take charge, things begin to unravel at a pace hard to keep up with, and what they find is every law enforcement officer’s worst nightmare.

Hart’s Ridge is a standalone novel and book one of the new Hart’s Ridge mystery series, written by Kay Bratt, International Best-Selling Author of Wish Me Home and True To Me.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Other Mother

by Miranda Rijks

Jane is asked to pick up her friend’s daughter, but someone pretending to be Jane has already collected Florrie. Now the little girl is missing…
When Jane finds evidence in her own home clearly linked to Florrie, she starts to doubt everyone around her.
As her life falls apart, she’s in a race against time to find Florrie and uncover the truth.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological



by KJ Sutherland

After the deadly crash of a military passenger jet on the shores of a French abbey, an Air Force lawyer is determined to put the reckless pilot behind bars. But the case takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious caller offers a key piece of evidence to the highest bidder.

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Category: Mystery – Political Fiction


Requiem for Miriam

by Len Handeland

Sidney and Miriam seem to be the perfect, successful New York couple, but their marriage is a tragic sham. When Sidney’s glamorous mistress, Tori, urges him to get rid of his troublesome wife, a murderous series of events ensues. Sidney kills Miriam in a fit of rage, and with her last breath, she curses him; she will haunt him for the rest of his life.
But the killing isn’t over; Tori dies a terrible death at the hands of a vengeful ghost, and Sidney goes on the run. His life is in ruins, and he is haunted by two phantoms: the woman he married and the woman he loved.
Maria, an ambitious young detective with a hidden psychic gift, is on the case. With the help of her Haitian lover, Raphaella, a spirited, rum-drinking voodoo expert, she sets out to track Sidney down and goes undercover in a desperate bid to entrap him. But Maria soon finds herself in mortal danger from the man she is hunting. And it may be too late for Raphaella to rescue her.
Will Maria and Raphaella get their man? And will Miriam find the justice – and revenge – she seeks from beyond the grave?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Unnatural Mayhem

by Sue Coletta

The cat burglar, the killer, and the shaman unite as eco-warriors to save Mother Earth’s most precious beings—animals. Even if it means slaughtering their captors.
Explosive news of a crow hunt rings out in the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire, and one hundred crows gather to put an end to it. With so many lives at stake—including Poe’s—Shawnee and Mayhem must work together to stop the trophy hunters before they obliterate the local murder. Taking on twenty-five experienced hunters armed with shotguns is no small feat. If they fail, Poe may lead his brethren to their death.

No matter what it takes, this group must be stopped. But what if Shawnee and Mayhem aren’t seeing the full picture? What if these men have secrets worth killing over?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological