Political Homicide

by James Litherland

At the Northwest Federal University and Research Complex, where the community is cut off from the crumbling civilization outside its walls, tensions are rife. So when the deputy director is killed during a brief blackout, knifed in the back while meeting with a handful of other highly important persons inside a secure conference room, it creates a political crisis. And Security Officer Duncan Kincaid, who’s never handled a homicide before, is the one put in charge of the case…

A dystopian murder mystery and standalone novel set in the Slowpocalypse universe. (You can start the series with this as easily as with Book 1.)

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Retribution: An Alivia Morgan Thriller

by David J Antocci

“Fast-paced action that never slows down until the end sentence.” – Amazon Reviewer

The Rally for US was meant to be a day of celebration. Instead, that crisp October morning turned into the bloodiest terror attack to strike the city of Boston in more than a decade. And the terrorists are just getting started.

To hunt down the insurgents, the New England Special Terrorist Division—NEST—turn to their most senior and capable agent, Alivia Morgan. Ripped from her home and family to join the battle, she had no idea just how deeply personal the fight would become.

Captured, alone, and armed only with her years of training and experience in Special Ops and the elite Army Rangers, Alivia realizes she’s in a race against time. Can she escape with her life and stop the impending attacks before the clock runs out?

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Category: Mystery – African American

Risking Trust

by Adrienne Giordano

In this first installment of the action-packed and suspenseful Private Protectors series, a reignited flame might be permanently extinguished.

Michael Taylor is cooler than ice under pressure. As CEO of a private security company, his job means protecting those at risk. Clients pay top dollar for his team of special operatives to deal with threats. But now Michael’s the one in trouble—he’s the prime suspect in his ex-wife’s murder. To prove his innocence, Michael needs not just a few good men, but one smart woman. If she agrees to forgive him…

Twelve years ago, Michael walked away from Roxann Thorgesson and never looked back. Now he’s standing in her office, accused of a heinous crime, the vulnerability in his eyes barely masking something else. Desire. The shock—and her body’s own traitorous response—shakes Roxann to the core. Still, she can’t let lust cloud her professional judgment, no matter how tempting.

Michael needs her…or, rather, her newspaper to clear his name. Roxann wants to refuse, but journalistic instinct tells her there’s more to this case. Sex. Secrets. A dark and dirty cover-up leading all the way to city hall. And as the investigation brings Michael and Roxann closer together, revealing the truth threatens to rip them apart.

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Category: Suspense


by Michael Hambling

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be reading a lot right now. With hundreds of books to pick from, we thought we’d make choosing a little easier by combining ALL EIGHT enthralling crime thrillers in the Detective Sophie Allen series as one great value box set.

Here’s your chance to discover this masterful series by best-selling author Michael Hambling. And for a limited time only, we’re offering the complete eight-book series for a BARGAIN 99c!

Perfect for fans of immaculate police procedurals, each book will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Don’t miss out on this great value box set and hours of exceptional reading!

This box set includes:

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


by Michael Cross

Time is running out for Echo, now he must decide whether he is willing to sacrifice one life in order to save many.

After nine months in a coma, Ezra “Echo” Kingston is now awake.
Unfortunately, he has no memories of his past, nor knowledge of what transpired that put him into his current state.
The distorted memories he does remember feel more like a dream.
His only connection with the outside world is the High Priestess. A woman that arouses suspicions, but she is also his only chance at getting information that he desperately craved.
She revealed to Echo that he’s a part of a shadow organization, with a mission to save this world.

After recovery he is assigned to assassinate a man that is a part of the Hellfire Club. A group that aims to destroy democracy and damage this nation.
As Echo faces this task, he is haunted by flashbacks of his past. Suspicions, chaos, and an unexpected twist arises as he is thrown back into the real world.
Bringing further questions of his identity, and the organization he works for.
Yet, the deeper he dives, the more questions he has.

As the twisted plot unfolds the reality of his situation turns out to be far more dangerous and sinister than he ever imagined.
Will he be able to put the pieces together before total chaos erupts?

From bestselling debut author Michael Cross comes Amnesia, part of Echo Kingston series.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

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