The Dread Nought Complete Series Boxed Set

by Marc Stiegler

Save the World? Or Kill Each Other? Tough Choices.

Cat burglar Cassie Parker minds her own business. But when she screws up and plays Good Samaritan she finds herself on the run with Remy, her new best friend and worst enemy.

Discover this technothriller, globetrotting series today with this complete series boxed set!

In a world where the most ruthless clandestine organizations run the conspiracy theory websites for psych experiments,

Remy holds the key to global domination.

But as Cassie and Remy seek answers across the planet, eluding pursuers again and again, recruiting their deadliest enemies in a doomed alliance, Cassie sees a pattern emerge.

Soon their fates will be decided, in the bowels of a fortress unbreached for over two hundred years–

The Kremlin.

If Remy really has a plan, couldn’t she take a couple minutes to explain it to her new partner?

And assuming Remy’s plan is real, then…

Who is now the hunter?

And who is the prey?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Cordial Killing (A Backyard Farming Mystery)

by Vikki Walton

A freak spring blizzard is scary. Trapped inside with a killer can be deadly. Opening a Bed & Breakfast sounded fun until a guest arrives packing revenge. Anne suspects a heart attack when one guest dies, but her suspicions grow stronger along with the raging winds outside. Now stuck with a killer, can Anne stop the person before they strike again?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Her Buried Bones (Opal Fields Book 1)

by Fiona Tarr

Jenny Williams took a job as the new constable in a remote opal mining town to find answers. But the discovery of a young woman’s body forces her to make some hard choices. Do nothing, and let her boss shove the death under a dry, red rug of outback dust or risk her career, her chance at solving her family mystery, or even her life…

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Roll Me Away

by Alan N Webber

Tim Harrison is a company driver for Saxon Brothers Trucking in Dallas Texas. He lives on a ranch outside of Cave Creek Arizona. He and his dog, Rory, are assigned a steady route between El Paso Texas and Tijuana Mexico, but Tim’s still fighting demons from the rape and murder of his wife.

When a fellow Saxon Brothers trucker is murdered by a theft ring working out of El Paso Texas, Tim’s old colorful buddy, JD Tolliver, gets involved in hunting down the gang. In the process, JD unexpectedly winds up the hospital.

Now with two employees having been attacked by the same theft ring, and no word from the police, the owner of Saxon’s, John Saxon, get involved. He enlists Tim’s aid, pulling him into a situation Tim is not sure he wants to become involved with. He has other things, like possibly a new love life, on his mind.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

Ring of Fire

by Matthew Balleza

Time. Pressure. Ice-cold fear. Nashville’s new hockey arena chills with bomb threats. Tom Cash, ex-sports agent turned investigator, hunts the culprit through a maze of suspects: a shady zamboni driver, a brooding Russian star, and a city simmering with hidden grudges. Can he crack the code before the arena becomes a fiery tomb?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Flashback: Lolita: (Abuse, Mafia Wife, Prison)

by P.M. Richter

A Cinderella Story?

Yes, she has an evil, abusive mother and a terrible early life filled with physical abuse. Yes, she meets the handsome, Mafia Prince, in church of all places. They are madly in love and have the gorgeous fairytale wedding. They live in a beautiful mansion. Fabulously rich and young, they look forward to a wonderful life. Lolita loves being wife to the Mafia enforcer. She has everything she’s ever wanted and adores her husband.
But Happily Ever After? I don’t think so.

What really happens after the ‘Ever After?’ Could be it be tragic?
Well, yeah.

When the Prince is gone forever, murdered. When political forces targeting the Mafia cause a miscarriage of justice. When you’re thrown into a maximum-security women’s prison. Then it’s just a matter of survival.

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Category: Mystery – Series