by Ripley Hayes

Classic detective novel…unique twists and turns…a wonderful book” (Justine Adamec)

Why don’t the local police want to find out who dumped the body in the woods? Just how unpopular will Daniel be if he investigates the murder himself? Why is DCI Kent always there when Daniel needs rescuing, and why is he so hostile the rest of the time?

The abandoned mine shafts give Daniel the creeps, especially when he finds another dumped body. No one wants Daniel around. And no one wants DCI Kent around either. Unless the two men work together the murderer will go free.

“This is a refreshing and new series that I look forward to reading in other books to follow.” ( review).

Undermined is the first book in a series featuring Daniel Owen, a DI in the fictional Clwyd Police.

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Category: Mystery – LGBT

Dial P For Poison (Movie Club Mysteries, Book 1)

by Zara Keane

“My career in the San Francisco PD ended the day I arrested my husband.”

Maggie Doyle gives her cheating ex and crumbling career in the San Francisco PD the proverbial middle finger, and moves to the Wild West…of Ireland.

Lured by her aunt’s promise of a restful Irish vacation, Maggie agrees to help out at the Movie Theater Café in exchange for bed and board. Things are looking up—until the most hated woman on Whisper Island is poisoned at the café. With her aunt as the prime suspect, Maggie and her rock-hard muffins are hurled into the murder investigation.

With the help of her UFO-enthusiast friend, a nun, and a feral puppy, Maggie is determined to clear her aunt’s name. Can she catch the murderer before they strike again? Or will her terrible baking skills burn down the cafe first?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Mirror Image

by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)

A serial killer is targeting young men. A serial killer who appears to be Linda’s sister Elizabeth. But it can’t be Elizabeth, she’s dead. Right?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


by Wilkie Martin

A grieving widower with a mission to commit suicide by heroism. Will a small Cotswold town or local city provide the right opportunities? Will mysterious guardian angels thwart his plans?

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

The Jack Reacher Cases (The Right Man For Revenge)

by Dan Ames

Jack Reacher is dead. Or is he?

In Book Two of the Jack Reacher Cases, written with permission from Lee Child, the body of a man who was murdered is discovered. In his pocket is a toothbrush and an ATM card with the name Jack Reacher.

Lauren Pauling, a former FBI agent, is asked to identify the body.

But instead, she investigates the murder and soon finds herself a target in a complex web of murder, betrayal and vengeance.

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations

Leine Basso Thrillers, Vol. 1 (Serial Date, Bad Traffick, The Body Market)

by DV Berkom

This action-packed box set includes three page-turning novels in the “unputdownable” Leine Basso Thriller Series: Serial Date, Bad Traffick, and The Body Market.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Disappearing Act: a Las Vegas Love Story, Sort of…

by Ray Pace

A Las Vegas magician disappears with two million bucks of Chicago money. The boss sends Nick to get it back. Can a disbarred lawyer, a fed-up hooker, and a lesbian softball team help? And how did a couple of Russians, a crooked record exec, and a rogue Korean colonel get involved? It’s an Elmore Leonard-style laugh-out-loud action mystery.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

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