Deadly Sanctuary (A Kendall O’Dell Mystery Book 1)

by Sylvia Nobel

Flame-haired reporter Kendall O’Dell uncovers a horrifying secret when she investigates the disappearance of her predecessor who was close to breaking a story concerning the unsolved deaths of two teenage girls found in the remote desert near Castle Valley, Arizona. The thrilling ending will give you chills!

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Code Red

by Ian Loome

Bob Singleton was a CIA assassin. Now, he’s homeless and wants to be left alone.
But a nurse and a teenage boy desperately need his protection.
They are being pursued by trained killers because they stumbled on a long-buried conspiracy.
Now he must use the same deadly skills that made him a legend. Skills he had sworn he would never use again.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Katey Frost 101 Mystery Series

by Sophie Michaels

Katey Frost, a retired teacher, moved to the little town of Pine Falls to run a small coffee shop. However, her exceptional observational skills turn her into our female amateur sleuth who supports the Police Chief. They not only solve the cases, but a clean and wholesome romance begins to develop between them in this exciting box set of 5 books.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


by Ellis Summers

Restaurant entrepreneur and fiancée to a congressman, thirty-year-old, Amazing Grant has kept her distance from her mobster family, as well as entombed her own less-than-savory past. Until now.

With her fugitive grandfather Richard on the lam, the clan’s attention is focused on Amazing (Maze) and the ancient journal her great-grandfather Adam secretly passed down to her. Her denial of having the inheritance only brings on the family assassin, who summons Maze to Paris for a meeting with her family.

With threats of blackmailing her fiancé Eli, as well as Interpol General Ballard using her past to jeopardize her freedom, Maze’s only escape is to set up her family for a complete take-down. The only thing worse than dragging the people she loves into her battle is discovering why her relatives want the heirloom journal to remain buried.

Twists and turns from San Francisco to Paris take Maze through grave danger with vengeful criminals. Once the final showdown takes place in Scotland, murder is on everyone’s mind.

Will her plan to bring the Grant dynasty to its knees work?

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Category: Suspense

The Vanished Lady

by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson

What happened to Amy?
Dana Lawrence doesn’t imagine when she buys the quaint Victorian house in the remote mountains of Colorado that her life will soon be in danger. She has heard the legend of Lelia Glenn and how she vanished in the 1800’s, but no one told her about the more recent disappearance of Amy Walden two years ago.
On the night of her arrival, Dana spies someone digging on her land. The sheriff tells her that on the day Amy disappeared Glenndale’s jewelry store was robbed. Amy’s boyfriend, Donnie Thorpe, is still on the run, and his accomplice, Jed Hoyt, has just been released from prison. Bennett believes a third party masterminded the robbery–her handsome neighbor, Logan Rand.
While Dana tries to beat the thieves to the stolen goods, she uncovers a grave. Threats and attempts on her life follow in rapid succession. Dana must identify the killer before she becomes the next vanished lady.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Whatever Happened To Betsy Blake?

by David B Lyons

Betsy Blake was only four years old when she vanished outside her family home.

Her father – wracked with guilt for the past seventeen years – still can’t bring himself to admit the search is over, despite the fact that his wife has moved on and police have closed off the investigation.

When he is informed he must undergo major heart surgery that he only has a fifty percent chance of surviving, Gordon Blake hires a local PI to give the investigation one last try.

But surely rookie PI Lenny Moon – who has little or no experience in such high-profile investigating – doesn’t have what it takes to make a breakthrough in this case before Gordon is put to sleep for what could be the last time

…or does he?

5 Stars – “Best book of the year” – The Book Magnet

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Dead In The Water

by Jake Grenier

Finn Lawson has dreams of becoming a marine biologist, so when he moves to the small town of Cape May on the Jersey coast, he imagines his aspirations are only beginning to come true. However, when Finn befriends Theo Moore, a mysterious and revered lifeguard, he’s catapulted into the scrutiny of the town alongside Theo. As their friendship blurs the lines, Theo suddenly disappears and a bodiless crime scene rocks the small town. When the crime scene implies that Theo was murdered, the entire town are suspects. Finn sets his sights on finding out who took Theo away from him. With the help of Theo’s detective friend Jada, they decide to take matters into their own hands.
As Finn and Jada dive into the secrets and depths of Cape May to find out who was out to kill their friend, they get trapped in a game of cat and mouse, as the killer sets their sights on the duo instead, and will stop at nothing to keep their identity a secret.

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Category: Mystery – LGBT