Blood in the Bayou

by C. M. Sutter

On her first assignment since her promotion to SSA status in the Serial Crimes Unit of the FBI, Jade Monroe and her new partner, Lorenzo DeLeon, are tasked to southern Louisiana, where disturbing discoveries have been made. Human bones have been found in numerous sites deep in bayou country, and the locals aren’t too excited about having outsiders poking around in their business.
When Jade has a chance meeting with a local hunter, she finds his assistance exactly what she needs to break through that unwelcoming barrier. She brings him on board as their go-between.
The hunter inserts himself into their investigation and gains Jade’s trust, but is he authentic, or does he have his own agenda?
A bone-chilling blindside and a dangerous chase through the Louisiana swamps is just the beginning, but the question remains—is Jade the hunter, or is she the one being hunted?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


A Skeleton in Every House

by Isabella Duke

A scandalous murder sparks mystery and romance in Victorian London. When a nobleman is found slain, his body drifting off the Limehouse docks, aspiring reporter Catriona Winters heads to the scene—where she clashes with the infuriating Inspector Thomas Marlowe, set on keeping the details of his inquiry out of the headlines. As Catriona delves ever deeper into the secrets of Limehouse, she and Marlowe must set aside their rivalry to unmask the killer before he strikes again.

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Category: Mystery – Historical


Mount has an Epiphany

by Josephine Margaret Harris

The First in a trilogy introducing James Mount, some nefarious criminals, tenacious police and a narcissistic ex-wife. Ex-policeman James always blamed his lack of success on others and never bothered to make his mark. When he gets a wake-up call he decides to finally try and make his mark. But its a risky business with bumps in the road. Will he run off the road before time runs out? One reader calls it a “sparkling debut”, another a “mad cap romp”. Appeals to those who like British humor mixed in with their crime.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Skip Langdon Mysteries Vol 2-3: The Skip Langdon Mystery Anthologies Book 6

by Julie Smith

A reluctant debutante turned crackerjack cop, Skip Langdon’s big, she’s strong, she’s smart and rebellious. Follow this remarkably bold, and refreshingly human New Orleans detective as she tracks a serial killer and takes down the Grinch who almost stole JazzFest.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths