The Inheritance

by Kevin Lynch

Jane’s father was murdered in the family home but the killer was never found.
She’s done everything to stay away from that house but now she has to go back.
She soon discovers that her father may have been killed by someone close to her.
Now it’s a race against time. Can Jane discover the shocking truth about her father’s death?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Broken Promises (A Past Imperfect Mystery)

by Anne Willow

Recently separated, Julia just wants to start over. She takes up running her late aunt’s antique shop. The arrival of a mysterious package sets in motion murderous retribution for a centuries-old betrayal. Questioned by police, she starts suffering from unexplained intense headaches with visions and blackouts. What isn’t she remembering?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


by David B Lyons

5 Stars – “Lyons’s debut packs a devastating twist in its tail” – Irish Independent

Live the exact same morning.

From four different characters’ points of view.

What one may notice, the other may miss.

Which is interesting on a regular day.

But fascinating on an extraordinary day.

And today is one hell of an extraordinary day from the moment Ryan and Vincent’s alarm awakens them at seven a.m.

Because by midday one of them may be dead. If the other fails to steal eight million in used notes from the bank he works at.

The clock is ticking….

5 Stars – “You can hear the time ticking away with each turn of the page” – The Book Review

5 Stars – “A sensationally unique psychological thriller, filled with twists and turns.” — Audrey Hojberg

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Sapphire Necklace (Hazel Watson Mysteries Book 1)

by C. A. Varian

Hazel Watson has been seeing spirits since childhood, but the new spirit haunting her cannot speak, leaving her grasping for straws. Unable to ignore the woman, Hazel, with the help of her spectral best-friend, Candy, are rushing against the clock to identify the dead woman, find her killer, and avoid becoming the killer’s next victim herself.

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Category: Suspense