by A.M. Caplan

Hannah thinks she’s losing her mind. After killing a man with her car, he vanishes without a trace. To prove she isn’t insane, she searches until she finds him—alive. Taken under his wing, she learns he’s part of a race of immortals. But so is his sister, who murders every person who learns his secret. Can Hannah stop a psychopath who cannot die?

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Category: Suspense

I Know Who You Are

by Mark Gillespie

After causing a tragedy in her hometown, Rowan Wilson is given a new identity to start over.
Now she’s living a quiet life and keeps to herself.
But someone is watching. He knows who Rowan really is.
But who is he and what does he want?
Two lives connected by tragedy. Destined to collide. And one last mind-blowing secret, waiting to be revealed.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

A Frozen Grave

by Robin Mahle

When Terry Satchel’s body is found in the woods, Det. Rebecca Ellis is given the case.
She soon discovers that executives at his workplace have covered up some very bad things from 20 years earlier. And that her father, a retired detective, led the investigation.
Is Rebecca putting those around her in danger? And is someone coming for her next?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Semi Gloss

by Joe Barrett

Waking up next to a dead girl is no brunch-time delight for Sammy, the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Enter Penny, a runaway with street smarts, and the two embark on a wild ride of healing, art, and friendship in this funny, fast-paced tale of redemption.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Pet Psychic Magical Mysteries: The Complete Series: Books 1-8

by Erin Johnson

Unleash your inner detective and join Jolene Hartgrave, the paw-some lawyer-turned-pet-psychic with a gift for gabbing with animals. Together with a hunky police officer and his trusty lie-sniffing German shepherd, they’ll catch criminals in an enchanting town filled with magic and quirky cases. But with a hairy secret of her own, will Jolene be able to collar the crooks or end up behind bars herself? Find out in the Pet Psychic Magical Mysteries boxset, complete with all 8 full-length, fur-tastically imaginative paranormal cozy mystery novels featuring talking animal sidekicks that’ll have you howling with laughter and keeping you guessing right to the end.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Barcelona Connection

by Tim Parfitt

A murder. A kidnapping. A lost Salvador Dalí painting. Just 36 hours to resolve all three.


Benjamin Blake is no ordinary detective …

Specialising in the criminal underworld of stolen and forged art, things don’t always go the right way for Benjamin. But when they don’t, he has a stubborn determination to put them right.

Within hours of being sent to Barcelona to authenticate a possible Salvador Dalí painting, Benjamin is left stranded without his cell phone at a service station alongside a bloody corpse in the early hours of the morning, after being savagely attacked with his hire car stolen, together with the painting.

Helped and hindered by the fiery Elena Carmona, pursued by a psychopathic hitman, Benjamin becomes the prime suspect in a politically motivated kidnap and murder. All this on the eve of Barcelona hosting a G20 summit and UN climate change conference, with the police in hot pursuit fearing a wider terrorist threat.

From Nîmes in the South of France, across the border to the sweltering humidity of Girona, Barcelona, Figueres and Cadaqués, The Barcelona Connection is a fast-paced, gripping page-turner sprinkled with black comedy, blending the real with the surreal, art crime and mistaken identity … and where the clues at the crime scene might just be the mirror image of a long-lost work of art …

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Category: Thrillers – Crime