Secrets Never Sleep

by Dan Padavona

Welcome to a small town’s deadliest secret…
After failing to locate a missing child, PI Nia Carter returns to the Finger Lakes to escape her demons. Raising her adopted daughter, she puts her life together…until three lost teenagers turn up dead in a local vineyard.

Is a murderer loose in the community?

Nia believes the wine magnate is hiding a deadly secret. But the power-hungry man has the police wrapped around his finger. As the body count grows, evidence mounts against the magnate. If she fails to prove his guilt, the murderer will escape justice.

Can Nia stop a killer before she becomes his latest victim?

Suspenseful and shocking, “Secrets Never Sleep” is the first thriller in a gripping new crime and mystery series from bestselling author Dan Padavona.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Dynasty of Shadows

by Vincent Stoia

“Stoia’s narrative prowess shines as he intricately weaves together elements of mystery, historical drama, and spiritual intrigue.” – A Look Inside Book Review Blog & Podcast

In the Tang Dynasty, a wave of shocking murders rocks the capital. Ming, a former Gold Bird Guard, is ordered to rejoin the Emperor’s police force and put a stop to the madness. But in order find his killer, Ming must delve into his own past and face crimes he has spent years trying to forget.

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Category: Mystery – African American

You’re Right Next Door

by Carrie Magillen

Fear has a new address: Right Next Door…

In the picturesque countryside, Mark and Laura have found their perfect haven. Little do they know, their idyllic cottage harbours a nightmare… the neighbours next door.

Glenda, the epitome of suburban normalcy, conceals a chilling secret – a psychopathic streak that knows no bounds.

When her malevolence escalates to extortion, Laura stands firm. But defiance only fuels Glenda’s wrath.

Shattered windows and vandalised fences, escalate into relentless acts of terror, orchestrated under the cover of darkness, that leave Mark and Laura prisoners in their sanctuary.

To fight for what’s rightfully theirs, Laura will risk everything she holds dear – even the man she loves.

She doesn’t realise that, in peaceful Clay Norton, Glenda isn’t the only one with a grudge…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Murder and the Bookseller (Psychic Last Responder Book 3)

by Marian McCarthy

On May Day, a world-famous fantasy author shows up to launch the new occult bookstore in the magical town of Vardo, Oklahoma. When murder mars the celebration, psychic mortician Perrie Spock undertakes the body and finds evidence of the Fae in her yard. Can these psychic clues lead her to the killer?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy