Mary Mills Mystery Series: Vol 1-2

by Willow Rose

Readers love this series – More than 1000 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

The first two books in the engrossing series on sale a limited time.

You will never guess the ending!

Am I pretty?

Imagine being asked that question standing face to face with a killer. What would you answer?

While her life is going from bad to worse, journalist Mary Mills receives a phone call from her father telling her that her brother has been arrested for murder. Mary decides to go back to her hometown of Cocoa Beach, Florida, which she left twenty years back and has never visited since.

Working with her old friends from the 7th Street Crew, she tracks down the most disturbing and surprising killer this town has ever faced before a shocking conclusion turns everything upside down for them.

Determined to solve the murder and to have her brother acquitted, Mary is forced to face demons from her past she never thought she would have to again.

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Category: Mystery – Collections & Anthologies


Spells & Caramels Box Set: Books 1-3

by Erin Johnson

There’s murder on the menu & magic in the air. Read books 1-3 in the charming Spells & Caramels paranormal cozy series today!

Imogen Banks has dreamed her entire life of opening her own bakery in Seattle. But when she accidentally sets fire to her apartment and loses all her possessions, her dreams get toasted. Still coping with her loss, she receives a cryptic invitation she can’t possibly refuse: entry into a mysterious baking competition on a beautiful French island.
When Imogen realizes the island village is magical and the bake-off’s participants are witches and wizards, she’s not sure her fledgling powers will be enough to win the coveted contest. In the midst of trying to cast her very first spell, a competitor drops dead and Imogen finds the psychic judges’ mystical fingers all pointing at her. Can Imogen unlock her own magic and stop the killer from coming back for seconds?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Covert Threat

by Amy McKinley

After an elite research facility reports a security breach, former Navy SEAL Trev Shaw is hired to guard infectious-disease specialist Jules Moretti. When he saves the gorgeous but frightened doctor from a boating mishap, sparks fly. It’s supposed to be an easy mission, but then his heart and mind get tangled in the danger surrounding her. When an unknown attacker threatens Jules, Trev works to reveal the true culprit and unmask whether the danger coming after her is personal or a smokescreen for biowarfare.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Steele Shield

by Kimberly Amato

“This time it’s personal” is a phrase all too familiar to NYPD veteran detective Jasmine Steele. Trouble seems to find her and her family. In this pulse-pounding hard-boiled police procedural, Jasmine’s nearest and dearest find themselves tangled in a web of terrifying cyberbullying, hair-raising stalking, sexual harassment, and murder—with Jazz stuck in the middle.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


College Town Cozy Mystery Boxed Set

by Susan Harper

An institute of Higher Learning… or Heinous Crimes?

A cozy mystery collection from Internationally Bestselling author Susan Harper

Woodville is a small college town in the Smokey Mountains. When a murder shocks the community, longtime friends Tori and Jordan must put their heads together and find a killer. And it doesn’t stop there as their college quickly becomes a hotbed of criminal activity. Can they keep their beloved institution focused on higher learning or will it be overcome by heinous crimes?

The College Town Cozy Mystery Boxed Set contains all four stories in the College Town Cozy Mystery series. If you enjoy cozy mysteries with interesting characters, it’s time to go back to school to solve some mysteries.

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Category: Mystery – Collections & Anthologies


The First Time I Died

by Jo Macgregor

The first time I died, I didn’t come back alone.

When Garnet McGee returns to her small Vermont hometown for the holidays, she vows to solve the mystery of the murder which shattered her life ten years ago.

Then she dies.

After she’s resuscitated, she starts hearing voices, seeing visions and experiencing strange sensations. Are these merely symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and an over-active imagination, or is she getting messages from a paranormal presence?

Garnet has always prided herself on being logical and rational, but trying to catch a killer without embracing her shadow self is getting increasingly difficult. And dangerous, because in a town full of secrets, it seems like everybody has a motive for murder.

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Category: Mystery – Series


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