The Only Death That Matters

by Colin Conway

The police say Margaret Kelly drowned, but Ray Christy refuses to believe it. So, he’s going to prove it was murder.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

G Strings & Gangsters

by Valentina De La Cruz

As the highest-paid exotic dancer in the City of London, Valentina despises the gangsters who have taken over the club she loves.
Terrible secrets consume her life. Secrets she must keep to protect her safety and sanity.
Sean Kelly is the Detective Chief Inspector tasked to bring the criminal gang to justice.
Finn Maguire is the crime syndicate’s powerful, surprisingly cultured, educated boss.
The sinister world of organised crime pulls her in, subjecting her to violent and life-threatening situations. Her tug-of-love triangle with the hero cop and a bad-lad crime boss pushes her toward an emotional precipice she must avoid at all costs.
Lives in danger at the hands of the vicious gang members, her love of two men ignites a slow-burning fuse building to an explosive finale.
Valentina’s story continues in Queen of Clubs and Winner Takes All.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime