A Ghost of a Chance

by Cherie Claire

They say there are blessings from disasters. For Viola Valentine, it was starting over.

The hurricane gave Viola Valentine the chance she needed to leave her dead-end job and loveless marriage but the storm that came barreling through New Orleans also blew open a psychic door, one that Viola had worked hard to keep close. Now the travel writer must solve the mysteries of ghosts who have died by water.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Time to Die

by Stephen Puleston

A dead body discovered on a popular beach. A local community traumatised. Everything points to two evil brothers. But can Detective Drake find the evidence? Welsh Inspector Ian Drake is called to the discovery of a body of a man on a popular beach. The dead man is due to give evidence in an important trial of two vicious criminals and suspicion immediately falls on both men. But Drake faces the challenges of unravelling the dead’s man family and discovers everything is not as it seems. As another witness in the important case is killed Drake’s superior officer is convinced the known felons are to blame. And when a suspect linked to the dead man’s wife absconds Drake believes he has the culprit. But the discovery that witnesses exist changes everything. Can he find them before the killer? Time to Die is the book 10 in the Inspector Drake crime series.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Haunted River

by J. T. Bishop

A woman, clad only in a white nightgown, is dead – her body discovered on the banks of Black River. Her unsolved murder, and her ghost, still haunt the small town where she lived and died.
Years later, Detective Gordon Daniels and his partner, Aaron Remalla, arrive to clean and sell Daniels’ estranged grandfather’s home on the property where the body was found. But their getaway is interrupted when a second woman’s body is found on the river, clad in a white nightgown, and they are thrown into an investigation they would prefer to avoid.
As colorful suspects, strange occurrences, odd dreams, and spectral encounters stack up, Detectives Daniels and Remalla are forced to confront the town’s ghosts and will uncover a sinister secret so shocking that someone is prepared to kill to keep it hidden.
Can the specters of the past help them find a killer before the killer gets to them first?

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives

Of Breath and Blood

by J. T. Bishop

When a series of robberies leads to murder, Detectives Remalla and Daniels are thrown into a secretive world where a fanatical cult leader’s evil ambitions reveal more than just a violent group of followers.
Determined to discover the man’s true motives, they follow the clues, but the closer they get, the greater the risk becomes when strange revelations lead them into a paranormal world where a cryptic organization may hold the key to the answers they seek.
When Remalla goes undercover, Daniels faces his own demons when a brutal mental assault threatens all he holds dear, and the case takes a dangerous turn, requiring the partners to rely on each other to survive.
As the threat grows, the man at the heart of it all will use his power to delve into the depths of evil, and will force Daniels and Remalla to confront the malevolence determined to extract…both breath and blood.

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The Group

by Khurram Elahi

When fortune turns against you, how far will you go to reclaim what’s rightfully yours?

From the bestselling author who delivered ‘A Change of Seasons,’ dive into a chilling novel that will leave you questioning the line between dreams and reality.

Jagat Singh, a seasoned IT consultant, thought he was prepared for anything, until he stumbled upon The Forex Group. In a shocking realization, he becomes a victim of cybercrime, scammed out of his hard-earned money. Determined to reclaim what was taken from him, Jag embarks on a relentless pursuit for justice.

As Jag grapples with the aftermath of his discovery, he must confront the consequences of his actions while trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy in his family life. However, the lines blur between his loved ones and the dark forces that seek to consume him, leading to a gripping battle within his own mind.

In this riveting tale of choices and consequences, Jag is forced to navigate treacherous waters where his family and fortune hang in the balance. Will he find the solution to his mental struggle, or will he succumb to the haunting power of his own actions?

Prepare to be consumed by a gut-wrenching psychological journey that turns dreams into nightmares in this gripping financial thriller!

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological