Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

by Willow Rose

We all know that high school reunions can be a daunting and sometimes horrifying experience. Well, for Emma Frost that is exactly what it becomes when she is invited to meet with all of her old classmates at a desolated hotel in the most Northern part of Denmark. Soon, she will learn that there was more to this reunion than just them catching up on old times as a dark secret from their mutual past is revealed.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators



by MJ Mumford

When Syd Brixton was eleven years old, her identical twin vanished from a park in broad daylight and was never found.
Fast forward twenty years. Despite her lingering guilt, Syd’s life looks idyllic. She has a great job. A beautiful home. And her partner is a handsome firefighter who wants nothing more than to have children of his own.
Then it all comes crashing down.
One night at the pub where Syd works, her favorite customer, Morley, falls victim to a horrific accident. Moments before he dies, Morley gives Syd an extraordinary gift: the power to go back in time.
Will Syd use her gift to answer the questions of the past? Or will she use it to try to save Morley’s life instead? Even against his wishes?
If she makes the wrong choice, she could lose everything…her home, her family. Her life.
All in the blink of an eye.

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Category: Suspense


Campus Confidential: An Academic Thriller

by Sid Stark

Doctor Rowena Halley needs a job. It may cost her more than she’s bargained for. A snarky, satirical deep dive into the gritty underbelly of higher ed.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Gods in the Ruins: A Vatican Archives Thriller, vol. 1

by E. R. Barr

An ancient tomb is discovered in the ruins of Babylon. The Pope sends Vatican archeologist Fr. Daniel Azar and his best friend, Swiss Guard Luca Rohner to Iraq to investigate the tomb’s warning of the end of the world and the terrible beast that will usher in the coming apocalypse. From the start of their journey, the two find their lives threatened by unknown assassins. Meanwhile in Washington, D. C., the Director of the CIA, also aware of the momentous find sends her own team to Iraq to find out whether the United States is in danger because of the discovery.In a race to uncover the truth, the Vatican and the CIA join forces to fight a resurgent ISIS Caliphate and an enemy out of myth and legend. Whoever wins will have the power to bring the world to destruction or prevent the extinction of the human race.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

Beneath the Bishop’s Bones: A Vatican Archives Thriller, vol. 2

by E. R. Barr

The Regale, a mysterious ruby with massive powers, went missing in 1558 when King Henry VIII destroyed Archbishop Thomas Becket’s Shrine. Now Daniel Azar, priest and Vatican Archeologist and his friend Captain Luca Rohner of the Swiss Guard must find the jewel and guard it against an alien threat straight out of the apocalypse. Once known for its healing powers, The Regale is crucial for helping to blunt the chaos and destruction promised by the intruders. Past and present merge in this paranormal thriller where ancient miracles and beliefs come alive again to offer the world hope and healing in the midst of coming destruction. The courage of humankind has diminished. Heroism is absent. Valor gone. Now, only a few remain who possess the ability to uplift the nations in a desperate attempt to rescue civilization.

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Over My Dead Husband’s Body

by Etta Faire

Carly Taylor is thrilled when she inherits her ex-husband’s house after he dies, until she finds out why. His ghost is haunting the place, expecting her to solve his murder.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Girl Zero

by Mike Grist


At 7 years old, the girl known only as ‘Zero’ was locked away in an Idaho dungeon. Her torments didn’t end for 9 years, until she broke free and executed her captors.

But her vengeance couldn’t end there.

When Zero was locked away, she had a little sister, Hope. She never saw her again, but she’s been searching ever since.

Now she may finally be getting close. In the underground drug and club scene, there’s a man ‘breaking’ girls with a hammer and nails. But something is different this time. This man is tied to something bigger. This man may be the key to setting Hope free…

Zero just has to break him first.


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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


Pura Vida

by Jim Utsler

Detroit homicide detective Jacob Miller has been accused of many things, but being smart isn’t one of them. The murder of drug dealer Willy is proof enough of that, but not covering it up is even worse. So why would he think that stealing a fellow inmate’s hidden fortune is any smarter, especially when an ex-mafia family head is after the same thing?

But even the stupidest people have occasional flashes of brilliance, and Jacob is no exception. After being released from prison and moving to sunny Costa Rica, he solves an international murder mystery involving the usual suspects: love, lust, and murder.

Despite that mildly brainiac feather in his cap, he still has to deal with the beef between him, his fellow inmate, and the mob boss…and the violent fallout that ensues.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime