Davenport House

by Marie Silk

A nation on the brink of the Great War. A wealthy family with secrets. A household staff with secrets of their own. Find out what is happening upstairs and downstairs at Davenport House.
“…plotting of a type that might appeal to Downton Abbey fans…” -Historical Novel Society

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Category: Mystery – Historical


Partners In Crime

by Gallagher Gray

Not since Dorothy L. Sayers’ Murder Must Advertise has there been a more perfect cozy office murder–and not since Agatha Christie’s immortal Miss Marple has a more loveable geriatric sleuth been spawned. Gallagher Gray’s first Hubbert and Lil mystery’s got it all—a stuffy old firm with stuffy old routines disturbed by a few unaccustomed murders, a hilariously apoplectic boss, the indispensable brace of cats, and a clever amateur sleuths of a certain age.

It begins, as so many things do, with a phone call: T.S. (Theodore to Auntie Lil) has been retired about eight hours when he’s summoned back to Sterling & Sterling, the bank where he served as personnel manager for most of his adult life. One of the bigwigs is lying stabbed to death in the Partner’s Room and his demanding former boss, forgetting he’s no longer boss, is demanding a favor—damage control. Enter: T.S. and Auntie Lil, partner in crime.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Jordan Quest

by Gary Winston Brown

A tragic accident brings with it an incredible gift. But is the price too high? Welcome to the riveting prequel to Gary Winston Brown’s JORDAN QUEST FBI thriller series.

When a young Jordan Quest is discovered lying on the bottom of the pool at her family’s stately mansion she is pulled from the water and pronounced “vital signs absent” by the attending paramedics.

Teetering on the brink of death, a strange and mysterious presence makes itself known to her. In that moment, Jordan’s life is changed forever.

She calls it The Gift, and her unprecedented abilities will have a profound influence on the world’s understanding of psychic phenomenon. Hers is now the voice of the dead. And law enforcement is listening.

Is her astounding ability really a gift? Or is it a curse that brings with it unimaginable consequences?

Includes BONUS six-chapter preview of book one, “Intruders.”

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp


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