Sting of the Scorpion

by Lawrence Frederick Hebb

The Army doesn’t want them, they’re too much trouble!
MI6 does, they’re the best at what they do, and they need the best.
MI6 has a problem.

A missing agent. Kidnapped and taken to hostile territory for interrogation.
Only one option is open, and that’s a high-risk rescue operation over two hundred miles into hostile territory with no support.

A ‘do or die mission’ where the stakes are high and failure isn’t an option.

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Category: Thrillers – Military


by A.M. Caplan

At the edge of sanity lies an extraordinary truth. Discovering it may be the last thing she ever does…
Hannah thinks she’s losing her mind. After hitting and killing a man with her car, his body and blood vanish without a trace. Desperate to prove she isn’t insane, she searches exhaustively until she finds him—alive and unharmed.

Taken under the wing of the handsome stranger, she’s stunned to learn he’s part of an ancient race of immortals. But so is his deranged sister, and she murders every person who learns his secret. And though Hannah is as tough and resourceful as they come, how can she hope to stop a psychopath who cannot die?

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Category: Suspense


by Patrick Quinlan

What if you could be immortal? Susan Jones is about to find out. A robotics scientist, Susan is the inventor of the Sexbot, the world’s most advanced robot sex toy. But Susan has stumbled upon the key to immortality – uploading human awareness into intelligent machines. Soon to be murdered by the company she works for, she uploads herself into the most intelligent machine available – Sexbot Number Nine.

Now, Susan is Number Nine, dead and yet alive, and on the run. Pursued by Mr. Blue and the militarized security forces of the company, and with a bomb inside her set to go off in 24 hours, Nine must use her smarts, her physical gifts and her sexuality to survive.

Sexbot is fast-paced, sexy, pedal to the metal adventure, with twists, turns and shocking surprises.

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Category: Suspense

You’ll Get Yours

by Gerald Hansen

Supermarket shelf stacker Regina Steps has just been found strangled, stripped to her underwear, and her body forced into a gruesome position atop one of the cannons of Derry’s historic city walls.
The first in the Derry Murder Mysteries series, You’ll Get Yours is a gripping, gritty mystery thriller with jaw-dropping twists and a touch of Gerald Hansen’s signature dark humor.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

And Then There Was One

by Patricia Gussin

“Mesmerizing . . .” Lisa Garndner, NYT best-selling author

Physiological suspense stretched to the breaking point when nine-year-old identical triplet girls go into a movie theater with an older cousin.

Two do not come out. Where are they? What is happening to them?

What about the “safe” triplet?

A parent’s most terrorizing nightmare.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological