First Cut

by J.T. Bishop

Former detective Jill Jacobs must confront the Makeup Artist, an elusive psychopath whose trail of terror left seven dead and almost destroyed her.
When the Artist strikes again in a new city, Detectives Gordon Daniels and Aaron Remalla must find the woman whose strange psychic connection to the killer is their best hope to catch him.
Desperate, Jill’s only chance to find closure is to confront the man who stalked her and his grisly crimes. But there’s a catch. She’ll have to return to the mindset that bound her to him. The mindset the killer still seeks from her.
But choosing to help Daniels and Remalla will not only risk her life, but also her heart, when she finds herself falling for one of them, drawing the attention of the man she’s driven to capture.
After losing everything, can she find the courage to face the murderer who took it all away, and who is eager do it again?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Shadow Beasts

by Nellie H. Steele

If Paige isn’t careful, her new job could land her in an early grave.

Paige Turner’s zero-balance bank account demands she take on a new job, but she never expected it would be as Shadow Harbor’s newest librarian. Now the unlucky orphan is learning it’s not books she’ll be shelving…but magic. Dark, dangerous, deadly magic.

Her new position requires she keep the supernatural subworld at bay while retrieving and archiving magical artifacts from around the globe. If she fails, the world may just be doomed…but even trying could get her killed.

Teaming up with a snarktastic teacup dragon doesn’t seem to be helping, either. Paige still struggles to master magic and shelve supernatural secrets. And when her first assignment involves massive multiplication of a group of wayward werewolves, she fears the world may not survive her tenure as librarian.

Fans of The Librarians and Warehouse 13 will love this enchanting new cozy contemporary fantasy series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Twelve Years Gone

by KJ Kalis

Twelve years gone…
Sarah Schmidt went out for a hike a month before heading to college on a cross-country scholarship. She never came back.

In the twelve years she’s been gone, the local police have done little to help the family, leaving them with the desperate knowledge that Sarah could still be alive, somewhere, somehow…

The family hasn’t given up their hope for revenge, or at least answers.

Emily Tizzano, a former Chicago PD cold case detective suffering from painful skeletons in her past, holds the hope of the family in her hands. Can she overcome her own history in order to help them find Sarah and get the justice they need?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Lakeview Vendetta

by KJ Kalis

Twenty million dollars has disappeared without a trace…
For Marlowe Burgess, it was supposed to be the job of a lifetime – restoring a Chicago landmark. That was, until her business partner stole every dime she had.

She’s got no way to prove it. Her life is in shambles.

Running out of hope, Marlowe reaches out to Emily Tizzano, a former cold case detective with the Chicago Police Department for vengeance.

Will Emily accept the case and help Marlowe turn her life around before it’s too late?

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The Blue Monster

by Mike Roche

The revengeful hunter becomes the hunted.

“I immensely enjoyed The Blue Monster. Mike Roche knows the world he writes about.” Michael Connelly, Bestselling author of the Lincoln Lawyer and Harry Bosch novels

Detective Kate Alexander is in a dangerous chase to capture a killer. A call to the kidnapping scene of a teenage girl rips at Kate’s heart. The judge that set the kidnapper free is now the target. How is a seemingly isolated double murder homicide at a cheap motel connected to the kidnapping? Detective Alexander’s investigation focuses on a psychotic and deranged killer. In a cat-and-mouse game, Kate pursues the suspect, as he seeks revenge against the judge. Facing her own demons, Detective Alexander places her own life in peril, as she tracks the cunning criminal in a race against time. She must bring justice for the victim of the kidnapping. Enjoy a heart-pumping emotional thrill ride as evil attempts to evade justice.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Merciless Murder Mystery Thriller Omnibus

by Tikiri Herath

A wealthy woman makes a strange deathbed request. Looking into her dying eyes, Private Detective Asha Kade has no choice but to say yes.

From now on, every murder case she solves will have a million-dollar payout. Paid for by the dead client’s estate.

But there’s a catch. The money must go to a charity for orphaned children.

As Asha uncovers the shocking truths behind each twisted small-town mystery, she stumbles across sinister secrets, deadly family deceptions, and old homes shrouded in mystery.

Fighting her personal demons, she tackles the cold cases, but gets drawn deeper into evil underworlds and dark pasts.

The stakes are high.

Others are watching.

They will stop at nothing to keep the terrifying truths that lie buried deep in these small towns from being revealed. And their target is Asha.

Will Asha have to risk her life to fulfill her client’s dying wish?

One omnibus filled with six page-turning murder mystery thrillers.

Packed with heart-stopping suspense, locked-room mysteries, and psychological twists.

*FREE in Kindle Select for a limited time.*

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


Hunting Molly

by Sandie Baldry

In the city’s dark underbelly, Molly fought to survive daily as a vulnerable sex worker. But when she stumbles upon a chilling murder, her life takes a harrowing turn. Now, hunted relentlessly by three remorseless killers, Molly’s resilience is put to the ultimate test. Meanwhile, Detective Karen Pearce finds herself investigating the case where her key witness is either dead or soon will be if she doesn’t get to her first.

Determined to dismantle the ruthless drug gang, Karen knows Molly’s cooperation is the only way to succeed. As the clock ticks, the race to find Molly takes a nerve-wracking twist, with the relentless detective and the merciless assassins closing in. Yet, little did they know that Molly was no longer willing to be a helpless pawn in their twisted game. In a stunning turn of events, Molly refuses to run any longer and instead confronts her fears head-on. Will Molly’s tenacity be enough to outsmart her pursuers and expose the sinister underbelly of the city? Brace yourself for a heart-pounding rollercoaster ride as Molly transforms from prey to predator in a battle for her life.

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