Shooting Messengers

by Kevin Berry

What if delivering the mail was a matter of life and death?
Somebody brutally kills a postman in Quake City while he’s delivering the mail.
Private investigator Danny Ashford suspects the police will bungle the investigation—they usually do. He joins forces with sassy investigative reporter Deepa Banwait to track down the killer.
But when a second murder follows close on the heels of the first, with a similar MO, Danny suspects a dangerous serial killer is at work.
How do you catch a serial killer who strikes seemingly at random?
Is it random, though? Danny and Deepa have their theories. But they have to find a way to work together to track down the fiend with a vendetta against postal workers and couriers before he or she strikes again. And they might succeed, if only they could stop arguing… but with Danny’s overconfidence and Deepa’s drive for a story, what could go wrong?

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


A Ticking Bomb

by Izhar David

September 2000. A violent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians breaks out, opening 4 years of bloody combat.
Alon is caught between two different worlds.
In the world visible to the public eye, he is a decorated director with the Israel Security Agency, where he deals with the prevention of terror attacks, recruiting and handling spies and targeted assassinations.
In his other, secret world, out of the view of family and colleagues, Alon suffers from PTSD. He lives in gloom among the victims of operations he directed and attacks he found impossible to foil.
The snowball rolls on, sweeping Alon in its path, as he struggles to stop an unprecedented wave of suicide bombers while becoming a ticking bomb himself.
After receiving the news of his upcoming appointment to a senior position within the organization, he goes up to the balcony on the seventh floor and considers committing suicide…

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism


Paws in the Action: Psychic Sleuths and Talking Dogs

by Max Parrott

Jasmine’s life is about to change.

A quaint town. A string of bizarre occurrences. An unconvincing suicide…

…and all she has to help her is a special golden retriever named Luffy.

A loyal companion with whom she shares a highly unusual bond.

Digging through decades of forgotten histories and buried truths, she has to take up the mantle of detective and bring back peace to a town that’s never known anything else.

You’ll adore this paranormal cozy mystery, because Paws In The Action will keep you guessing until the very end.

In the town of Blackwood Cove…

…anything can happen.

Get it now.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Grey Daze

by Michael Allan Scott

Wait until you meet Lance. No Sherlock Holmes, he’s been kicked around plenty. He’s that rare bird, tough yet vulnerable. Cursed, his only hope for redemption is the voice in his head, the voice of his dead wife.

An IAN Book of the Year Finalist as seen on NBC, this Lance Underphal Mystery is a new breed of murder mystery thrillers. Based on real events, this story stands on its own.

You can’t keep a good man down, or can you? A refugee from the 60’s, bankrupted in the great recession, he’s seen more than his share of bad luck and trouble. Plagued with strange visions while trying to help a friend, he stumbles onto the grim secrets of a serial killer.

Treat yourself to an intense, intelligent, and strangely twisted super-thriller.

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Category: Suspense



by Cheryl Rees-Price

When the boss of a care home for mentally challenged adults is murdered, the residents are not the most reliable of witnesses. DI Winter Meadows draws on his soft nature to gain the trust of an individual he believes saw the crime. But without unravelling the mystery and finding the evidence, the case will freeze over in time.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives


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