Fat Girl: Dark Obsessions

by Mark Donahue

Baby fat is what her mother’s friends call it.
They say Sara’s just healthy and will outgrow it.
When Sara is 8, she weighs 142. At 15, 265. At her high school graduation 435. At 19, Sara’s bedridden and weighs over 800 pounds.

˃˃˃ Her widowed mother, Elaine, spends a small fortune on doctors trying to gain control of Sara’s weight. Nothing works. When Elaine discovers she’s terminally ill, she decides that after her death, someone will need to take care of Sara 24/7.
Someone motivated who can also manage the $100 million estate Sara will inherit. She decides a young estate attorney from Chicago, Brandon Parrish, would work out just fine. Elaine also has other plans for Brandon.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical


by Michelle S. Smith

You should never have left.
This is what Victoria Wharton’s mother tells her every time she calls.
But this time she’s calling to say that Vicky’s twin sister, Becky, has been murdered.
Vicky is one of Chicago’s best police detectives. She thought she’d never return to her tiny New England hometown. But she needs justice for her sister.
As Vicky is drawn inexorably back into her family’s dysfunctional relationships, she finds things aren’t quite as they seem.
When the death threats start, and a local man is beaten half to death, Vicky must look closer to home to find her sister’s killer.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Holy City Hustle

by Ron Plante Jr

Super sleuth Duke Dempsey is at it again when he is drawn into a world of corruption, deception, and murder. An assassinated mayor, the mob, and corruption that reaches the highest levels of government takes Duke on a journey that brings him face to face with his past. All the answers he seeks are in an elusive ledger that he must bring to light.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Cold Iron

by Alex Blakely

Former MP Cache Iron’s future is as clear as the whiteout conditions blanketing town. Raised among generations of strong-willed men, the feisty woman spent much of her restless childhood exploring the backcountry of her family’s ranch. And now that unique knowledge is suddenly in demand when she’s contracted to help police track down two suspected killers.

With the blizzard and threats of wolves pushing her to take shelter, Cache is up against the clock as sheets of white cover up every potential clue. But when she discovers her targets’ lifeless bodies staining the snow red, the gritty ex-soldier comes to an inescapable conclusion: There’s another murderer hidden in the trees.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Dollar Signs

by Manning Wolfe


When Merit tries to set things right, she finds herself the target of a ruthless hired gun, Boots King, whose charge is simple: STOP HER!

With the help of her team – including Betty, a mothering office manager with a bad-ass attitude – Merit struggles to stay alive and navigate a labyrinth of legal issues.

A courtroom standoff, a wild chase across Texas, and dangerous Boots King always one step ahead…

DOLLAR SIGNS is Book 1 in the Merit Bridges Legal Thriller Series. If you love page-turning thrillers with mystery, action, surprises and a touch of sexiness, dive into Merit’s world today!

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

Music Notes

by Manning Wolfe

Attorney Merit Bridges finds herself in danger again in Music Notes!

When client Liam Nolan is slain with his own guitar, Davey Ray Bell shows up claiming to be Nolan’s illegitimate son. L.A. Baron, Nolan’s former manager, makes a back-door music deal and tries to grab the estate for himself. When the probate court pushes Baron out of the power position, he pursues Merit with a vengeance.

Who will come out on top of the scales of music and the scales of justice?

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Rescuing Reeve


A young widow. A deadly search. When the tables are turned, who will survive?

Book 1 in the addicting Cassidy Kincaid mystery series readers are comparing to Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

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