Umbrella Man

by Willow Rose

In your dream, no one can hear you scream.

When the body of the teenage boy, Julian Long, is discovered in the Green Swamps of Florida, the citizens of Bushlake know the city will never be the same again. Julian was popular, loved by all, and the circumstances of his death are more than strange.

What secrets is the boy in the swamps hiding?

Stephanie Boulder has returned to the town after fifteen years to take care of her grandmother, who is terminally ill. She writes for the local paper and as soon as she starts digging into the story of Julian Long, she discovers secrets deep within the town’s history. Secrets so cruel, so profoundly buried, uncovering them will put her life in grave danger.

What if dreams weren’t just dreams? Would you dare to sleep again?

Desperate for answers, Stephanie embarks on a journey that spans beyond her beliefs, heading towards a terrifying nightmare, trying to figure out who the Umbrella Man is.

Umbrella Man is a page-turning supernatural thriller from the Queen of Scream, Willow Rose. It is fast paced and packed with suspense. This is one book you don’t want to miss.

Fans of Stephen King, Blake Crouch, Paula Hawkins, Kendra Elliot and Robert Dugoni will be gripped by this page-turning supernatural thriller, guaranteed to keep you reading till the next morning.

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Category: Suspense



by Carolyn Arnold

She could feel her life draining from her body, but there was nothing she could do except wait until it was all over…and for the darkness to descend upon her.

The brutal murder of Claire Reeves, a successful entrepreneur, darkens Christmas Eve for Detective Madison Knight, who is assigned the case. Claire was found stabbed in her home, and her intimate attire would suggest her killer was someone close to her, but Madison knows things aren’t always as they appear.

As Madison investigates, the lies and secrets pile up and reveal a long list of people who aren’t shedding any tears that Claire’s dead. Friends, lovers, and former business partners—they’re all suspects. After all, Claire’s love was money, and she thought nothing of betraying even those closest to her. No one can be trusted, but if there’s going to be justice, Madison will need to determine who had the most motive to pull off the crime. But just when Madison thinks she’s getting closer to finding the truth, there’s a deadly twist she never saw coming.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Baker’s Rise Mysteries Books 1 to 4

by R. A. Hutchins

A delightfully humorous series of culinary cozy murder mysteries following amateur sleuth Flora Miller, her feathered sidekick, and the quirky residents of Baker’s Rise.
This collection includes the first four books in the series:
“Here Today, Scone Tomorrow”
“Pie Comes Before A Fall”
“Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondant”
“Muffin Ventured, Muffin Gained”

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Virtual Trail Book 7 of The Sean Kruger Series

by J.C. Fields

When a young MIT grad student working for the U.S. president’s re-election campaign is killed by a hit-and-run driver, retired FBI agent Sean Kruger is asked to investigate. What he discovers is an international conspiracy undermining American’s political system.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


Fatal, Family, Album: Book #13 in the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series

by Joanna Campbell Slan

How can you trust someone whose whole life has been a lie? Kiki and her husband must ask themselves the toughest question they’ll ever have to face: Can we trust this person with our kids? The answer might say more about them than it does about their nanny, Brawny.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Keep Your Friends Close: A Gritty YA Crime Thriller

by Niki Keith

Eddie hates Riley for what he did to him and his friends. Yet they convince Eddie to make amends and have a weekend getaway at their private cabin. But things get out of control. And Eddie accidentally kills Riley.

Eddie’s too distraught to think straight. But his friends know exactly what to do. Make a pact to keep Eddie’s secret. Besides, it was an accident. They’re confident nothing like that will happen again.

Except they’re wrong.

Secrets and lies collide in this fast-paced thriller, perfect for fans of One of Us Is Lying and Natasha Preston.

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Category: Suspense


Mafia Madame

by Alexa Spagnoli

1984 – Las Vegas, Nevada. Infamous Mob Boss, Tony Spilotro’s reign in Vegas is ended by an assassination, leaving a power vacuum in his wake.
Sin City is up for grabs and Chicago, Detroit and New York families are locked in a territorial struggle to stake their claim in the Gold Rush that is Eighties Vegas.
Enter Cyn, a wide-eyed, 18 year old, small town Michigan girl. After moving to Vegas and falling in love with the son of a Chicago Mob Boss, she finds herself entangled in the shadowy world of organised crime and the barely-legal sex industry.
It’s up to her to defeat her New York Mafia business rival, or risk losing everyone who has ever meant anything to her. Her series of dangerous and bold choices lead to a rich and surprising odyssey of love, family and loyalty.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime