Dangerous Habits: A Leah Nash Mystery Thriller

by Susan Hunter

A dead nun, a smart reporter, an ending twist you won’t see coming.

A cryptic message from a dead woman compels reporter Leah Nash to reinvestigate the accidental death of her teenage sister at a residential school run by Catholic nuns. Soon she’s hurtling through a twisting maze of hidden motives and long buried secrets to find the real story.

Equal parts smart and smartass, Leah just won’t quit. Ever. Funny, irreverent and stubborn, she never lets go, whether she’s chasing a lead or butting heads with a boss. Especially not when she’s in pursuit of the mystery surrounding her troubled sister’s life.

The closer she gets to the truth, the more dangerous she becomes to the killer. Then just when she thinks she’s got it all figured out, a shocking revelation changes everything.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy



Kilmoon: A County Clare Mystery

by Lisa Alber

In her moody debut, Alber skillfully uses many shades of gray to draw complex characters who discover how cruel love can be. –Kirkus Reviews

Californian Merrit Chase doesn’t know what she’s in for when she travels to an Irish village famous for its matchmaking festival. She simply wants to meet her father, a celebrated matchmaker, in hopes that she can mend her troubled past. Instead, her arrival triggers a rising tide of violence, and Merrit finds herself both suspect and victim, accomplice and pawn, in a manipulative game that began thirty years previously.

When she discovers that the matchmaker’s treacherous past is at the heart of the chaos, she must decide how far she will go to save him from himself and to get what she wants, a family.

Lisa Alber evokes a world in which ancient tradition collides with modern village life and ageless motivators such as greed and love still wield their power. Kilmoon captures the moodiness of the Irish landscape in a brooding mystery that explores family secrets, betrayal, vengeance, and murder.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime



Paying The Piper

by Simon Wood

For years, the serial kidnapper known as the Piper got rich by abducting children from San Francisco’s wealthiest families.

When crime reporter Scott Fleetwood gets a call from a man identifying himself as the Piper and offers an exclusive interview, Fleetwood jumps at the chance. But the caller turns out to be a fake, and the rash decision costs the life of the real Piper’s latest victim.

For eight long years, Fleetwood has lived with unbearable guilt—and the enduring disdain of the entire Bay area. Now he hears from the real Piper—and it’s not for an interview. The kidnapper has the reporter’s son. But he doesn’t want money…he wants blood. And he’s going to use Fleetwood to get it.

In the tradition of Harlan Coben and Gregg Hurwitz, Simon Wood weaves a plot thick with suspense and heavy with action. Paying the Piper grabs hold from page one and doesn’t let go until new debts are paid and old scores settled.

$2.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime



Before The Clock Strikes

by E.G. Michaels

A quiet neighborhood is torn from its peaceful sleep by a shocking and brutal late night drive-by shooting. An innocent teenage sleepover takes a tragic turn as a hail of bullets rip into the front of a house.
Philadelphia Detective Kyle Simmons is assigned one task: Catch the killer before someone else takes matters into their own hands.
Then something strange happens: A long forgotten contact of the detective has been killed. The evidence is crystal clear that this was a cold and calculated hit.
But as Simmons works both cases, a disturbing thought keeps popping up in his head: What if the two cases are somehow connected?
Detective Simmons races against the clock to quickly find the proof to solve both cases before all hell breaks loose. E.G. Michaels delivers a debut action-packed thriller with white-knuckle twists, unexpected humor, and leaves you wanting even more.

$0.00 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime


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