The Case of the Missing Finger

by Cheri Baker

Ellie Tappet’s retirement plans were put on hold when her husband passed away. Two years later, with her children grown and the rest of her life ahead of her, she’s ready for adventure. But her voyage is interrupted by a strange crime, and the ship’s young security officer is struggling. Surely he wouldn’t mind some help from a sharp-eyed grandma?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Justifiable Deceit

by Mikael Carlson

Winner-National Indie Excellence Award – Political Fiction Ethan Harrington was a typical teenager when his world got turned upside down in the aftermath of the worst school shooting in American history. A year later, he has become the country’s leading gun control activist. When Ethan teams up with a powerful senator to push an extreme gun measure through Congress, a divided nation will discover that everything they know about the massacre is wrong. Journalist Tierra Campos and FBI Special Agent Victoria Larsen begin questioning the official investigation into the shooting and find themselves caught in the political crossfire. Despite public condemnation, they remain undaunted in their quest – but at what price? With their careers at stake, they must race to unlock the secrets behind this horrible mass shooting before the truth disappears forever.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Quantum Beginnings

by Joe Kuster

Alex awakens to find most of his memories gone and an illegal AI hidden in his brain implant. Now the pet project of a tech billionaire and heavily in debt, Alex struggles to stay valuable enough to be kept online. Still grappling with the repercussions of his injuries, and threats from a dangerous anti-augmentation political movement, there are no easy answers and threats loom around every corner. Alex must use whatever resources he can to escape from under the thumb of a ruthless corporation, while keeping those he comes to love safe.

This series features an anti-hero protagonist, does not shy away from complicated relationships. While it’s a hard sci-fi story first, it includes modern multiple partner / harem relationships and is not fade to black (18+).

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

Quantum Proliferation

by Joe Kuster

Alex and his quantum-powered AI companion might have broken free from Apollo’s threat to shut him down, but he is still on the hook for millions he doesn’t have, and the mega-corp isn’t going to forgive and forget. Desperate to keep his freedom and his company afloat as their illegal funds dry up, Alex tags along with the Black Flags on a mercenary contract on the other side of the globe.

Physically recovered but still coming to grips with the synthetic part of himself, Alex struggles to adapt to what his life and body have become. Stuck in a losing battle with his inner demons, he and Sophie gather resources and allies as they prepare to wage war against the rogue artificial intelligence that threatens the world.
His actions do not go unnoticed, however, and he soon finds him caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse.

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Kicked to the Curb

by Joanna Campbell Slan

Life in Paradise isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Cara Mia Delgatto feels like she is drowning in problems! Her ex-husband is refusing to pay their son’s college tuition (as promised), her sister is pulling mean pranks, and her old boyfriend has broken her heart…again. And that’s just the personal stuff.

She’s also concerned about keeping the cash register ringing at the Treasure Chest, her store specializing in upcycled, recycled, and repurposed goods.

An important media event goes sadly wrong and Cara’s famous temper gets the better of her. Then a prying reporter turns up dead, practically in Cara’s backyard. Could the reporter’s murder have anything to do with a century’s old blot on Florida state history, the infamous Dozier Boys School? Suddenly, Cara’s personal problems seem trivial compared to the abuse and murder of hundreds of innocent boys.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

John Rader

by Ian Quarry

When tough-as-nails PI John Rader walks away from a car wreck, leaving behind a dead blond, a lot of bullet holes, and most of his memory, he sets out to discover who wanted him dead, and why.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Dead Money

by Ian Quarry

All Rader wanted was some downtime. But when an ex-client, Sam Nixon, calls up asking for help, Rader is already tiring of the easy life. The job is in Las Vegas, and to get it done he’ll have to face small-time drug dealers, big-time mobsters, Polish muscle, and a dancer with a pistol on her nightstand. Business as usual for a man like Rader, then.

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