Into the Woods

by Erik Boman

A seven-year-old girl with a life-threatening disease disappears from a small sleepy village in Northern Sweden, and Detective Lena Franke takes on the case.

But finding a child in the deep woods is not as easy as Lena expects. Gradually, she realizes the case is more mysterious – and dangerous – than anyone imagined.

Somehow, an old, nearly forgotten crime no one in the tight-knit community likes to talk about seems to be linked to the missing child. The question is how.

Detective Lena Franke must solve the riddle to save the girl’s life, as well as her own sanity. And the clock is ticking…

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Angela Cray Gets Real

by Dara Carr

Unemployed ex-party girl Angela Cray is back living with her no-nonsense mother in Phoenix. After coming within air-kissing distance of a felony charge, Angela is determined to make something of her life. When a sympathetic neighbor offers her work, Angela jumps at the opportunity. She figures it won’t be hard to track down a missing fiancé last seen with two Lady Gaga lookalikes. After all, one of her superpowers is finding badly behaved men.

But the trail of the runaway groom has more twists than a bride’s updo. And when Angela uncovers secrets that people will kill to keep hidden, she has to decide the price she’s willing to pay for success.

Angela will need to call upon all her charm and cunning—and the deities of her ancient Samoan ancestors—to make sure this professional growth opportunity doesn’t kill her first.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Promise Me Forever

by Natalie Middleton

Two lovers, Two problems, and one secret linking them together.

Arianna Belmonte loved her life as a programmer. But an urgent SOS from her sister brings her back to her winery home in tranquil St. Helena. Things are not so calm when she learns her childhood home is going to be sold off and there are suspicious threats to her father. When she digs in, the mystery deepens, with no answers from her father.

Alex Garner knows one thing when he returns to St. Helena : He is not a cheater and he has done nothing wrong. Suspended from his Seattle firm for a leak he didn’t cause, he meets his old flame Arianna Belmonte. There is only one problem; he can’t help falling in love with her. The last time he fell in love with her, he promised her togetherness, only to break that promise.

When Alex and Arianna come together, skeletons tumble from a closet they didn’t mean to open. When both their problems collide, they need to find every ounce of strength to stay together. Will they finally get their forever?

Fans of Barbara Freethy may enjoy this blend of romance and suspense.

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Category: Suspense

Go Home, Afton

by Brent Jones

Afton Morrison, 26, is a small-town children’s librarian. She’s also a disturbed vigilante murderess, in pursuit of a violent sexual predator.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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