Shooting Messengers

by Kevin Berry

Somebody brutally kills a postman in Quake City while he’s delivering the mail.
Private investigator Danny Ashford suspects the police will bungle the investigation—they usually do. He joins forces with headstrong investigative reporter Deepa Banwait to track down the killer.
But when a second murder follows close on the heels of the first, with a similar MO, Danny suspects a dangerous serial killer is at work.
How do you catch a serial killer who strikes seemingly at random?
Is it random, though? Danny and Deepa have their theories. But they have to find a way to work together to track down the fiend with a vendetta against postal workers and couriers before he or she strikes again. And they might succeed, if only they could stop arguing… but with Danny’s overconfidence and Deepa’s driving quest for a story, what could go wrong?
And then it becomes personal…

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


Five Knives

by D.F. Bailey

One Reporter.
Three Dead.
Five Knives.

FIVE KNIVES welds the intensity of Jack Bauer’s “24” to the scorching heat of THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST.

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Category: Mystery – Series


Detectives Daniels and Remalla – The Family or Foe Boxed Set

by J. T. Bishop

Some killers want more than blood…

A mysterious man with a strange background, unique abilities, and a dangerous grudge. Three strangers, each of whom has lost a loved one through a series of brutal murders. One peculiar woman whose knowledge and intuition will connect each of them.

With the help of Detectives Daniels and Remalla, can they put the pieces together and expose the secrets of a killer before he seeks his revenge and destroys them all?

Enjoy the Family or Foe Saga, including First Cut, Second Slice, Third Blow and Fourth Strike.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives



by Jodie Lawrance

Detective Helen Carter needs a break. Instead, she’s going head-to-head with notorious cop killer Jimmy Osbourne.
Eight years ago, he pulled off the perfect heist and fled to Spain, leaving behind a trail of carnage. But not a shred of evidence to implicate him.
Now he’s back in Edinburgh. But why? Helen has her suspicions.
Within days, a mystery jewel thief surfaces on CCTV. A shooter hits a seedy back-alley.
The suspects are piling up, but Helen knows Jimmy is behind them. All her instincts tell her he’s guilty. She’s watching him. But he has eyes on her too . . .
Can she take him down before he gets to her?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime



by Brian Battison

Join Chief Inspector Jim Ashworth, a 30-year veteran policeman with a fierce pride in his job, and his team of investigators in solving crimes, kidnappings and catching gruesome serial killers. The first mystery in this five book box-set, TIED TO MURDER, has Jim investigating the killing of a young woman. Was it the husband? Jim isn’t so sure. Book 2, THE PRICE OF MURDER sees Jim solving the kidnapping of factory owner Simon Edwards. In book 3, FLIRTING WITH MURDER, Jim is called in to investigate a potential serial killer. Book 4, MURDER IN THE COTTAGE, has Jim looking into a threating message sent to an alleged witches’ descended. In book 5, MURDER IN THE LIBRARY, Jim’s search for the killer leads him into a twilight world of gangsters and drug dealers.

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Category: Mystery – Series


Manna Reign

by Neena Roth

A legendary artifact. A skeptical scientist. Will her Old Testament discovery cure the planet…or destroy it? Archeologist Nikki Strauss dreams of ending global hunger. Romantically attached to a world-leading geneticist, she shares his excitement for his new GMO superseed that can grow crops resistant to environmental hazards. But when an ex-flame shows up with news of a mutual friend’s suspicious death, her grief-filled resolve drives her to join forces with him to uncover the reason behind the murder. Traveling to Europe and learning her dead colleague had recovered the fabled golden manna jar, Nikki winds up the target of a shadowy ancient sect. And when a fatal flaw in her boyfriend’s genetic design makes the Biblical relic his only desperate solution, she faces a choice between true love, devotion, and the fate of the world. Can Nikki save the Earth from an unexpected apocalypse?

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers



by Jim Ford

One night Quentin Quirke, the most famous writer on the planet, steps out the back door of a bookstore in a tiny desert town and disappears. He’s been kidnapped by thuggish tow truck driver, Kelvin Boone, who has written a gruesome novel and hatched a desperate plan to force the horror author to rewrite the book and turn it into a blockbuster.
Quirke, famously prolific, has hit a dry patch and when he reads Boone’s crude manuscript he realizes that he is looking at his next bestseller, if only he can escape the murderous maniac who has him locked in a shed in the desert.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


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