Dead Even

by Patti Larsen

Retired Guild Artemis Inquisitor Georgia Drake has left her old life of solving crime and murder behind after the death of her partner in the line of duty. The only problem is, crime and murder aren’t through with her. When a local is killed by unusual means, she is recruited by the eager but untested sheriff to assist in uncovering the truth. Except, doing so means digging up the past that most residents of Whitewitch Island would rather forget…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy



by Michael Leese

Billionaire Sir James Taylor has been missing for three weeks. Then his headless torso turns up in the basement of a disused East London warehouse.
How could someone so rich and famous disappear without a trace?
Chief Inspector Brian Hooley knows his Special Investigations Unit needs help if they’re to have any chance of catching this depraved killer.
And there’s only one man for the job: Jonathan Roper. Roper is one of Scotland Yard’s top investigators — exceptionally clever and doggedly determined. His autism means he sees the world differently, and he’s always spotting things that no one else can.
A break in the case finally arrives. Roper unearths a gruesome snuff video from the dark web. It shows Sir James being mauled by a pair of vicious Neapolitan mastiffs. Then Roper is left hospitalized after he is beaten to a bloody pulp on his own doorstep. It’s a deadly warning from those who want their secrets kept hidden.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives



by Anthony C. Patton

In the Digital Age, cyber espionage is on the rise, with the heavyweight fight between the United States and China taking center stage. After a series of devastating cyberattacks on the Pentagon, Colonel Lance Reed, a patriotic intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), teams up with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to pursue Lieutenant Colonel Li, China’s most lethal cyber spy. After Colonel Reed scores a major victory to prevent the next cyberattack, he finds himself entrapped as past events surface and test his limits. After a brilliant chess move strikes a lethal blow at the Chinese cyber program, fueled by a conspiracy of corporate lobbying, Colonel Reed is left to assess what matters most in life.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


The Penitent Priest

by J. R. Mathis

Ten years ago, his wife died in his arms. God saved him for Himself. Now, he wants his first love to catch her killer.

Father Tom Greer is playing with fire.

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Category: Mystery – Series


Steal Away

by BV Lawson

A con woman hoping to take revenge on the man she feels responsible for her grandmother’s death has to fight her growing attraction for a handsome Vermont police detective and the efforts of her nemesis to silence her … forever. But if she can allow herself to trust her instincts—and the detective—she might just have a fighting chance.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Villain

by Oris Hunt

A girl is killed in the park one night. The suspect is obvious, but charging him is not so easy…

There are new victims, and the criminal seems to be mocking the police. Sometimes he acts chaotically and stupidly, leaving lots of traces and witnesses, other times—coldly and professionally like a ghost.

Who is the investigation up against—an incredibly lucky amateur or a devilishly clever and cunning professional?

As a practical investigator, Cord has to make a choice: throw all his strength into trying to outmaneuver and capture the killer or try to preserve the personal happiness that he has just found. Will his choice lead to disaster? What if true evil is not the killer at all? What if the true evil is love and friendship?

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Category: Crime Fiction


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